New look for Cape Point Chronicle

If you are new to the site then don't worry about this article, just have a browse and enjoy the content. Returning readers will be wondering what is going on. I have decided to have a bit of a change. Recently I have realized that there is now a lot of information on the site. The previous layout didn't make this obvious. Visitors tended to visit one article and then leave ...
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Good News For Cape Point Peninsula Residents

Cape Point Peninsula
Introducing the Cape Point Peninsula Green Card There is some great news for the residents of the Cape Point peninsula from the Table Mountain National Parks, with the introduction of a new residents card- called The Green Card. This is essentially a Wild Card with a limited number of entries per year and is solely for the benefit of local people. Enjoy the beauty of Cape Poi...
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Nature on our doorstep- A day out at Cape Point

Close up of a Dassie at Cape of Good Hope-Cape Point Peninsula
Following my post last week about the birth of a Mountain Zebra in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, at Cape Point, we decided to take a family day out and see if we could find it. Despite knowing the general area that the herd was located we had no luck, however, it was a wildlife feast. A baboon encounter well before arriving at Cape Point After a recent trip to Durban ...
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Cape Point Peninsula National Park- Mountain Zebra Foal Born

Mountain Zebra Foal Born In Cape Point National Park I read today with great interest that a Mountain Zebra foal was born in the park on Tuesday (19th July). More accurately the new arrival is a Cape Mountain Zebra [Equus zebra zebra], one of two species of mountain zebras (the other being the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra [Equus zebra hartmannea]). If you are ever confronted b...
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Dassenberg Development- News from the authorities

A letter regarding the Dassenberg Development received from the Ministry of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning I received a very detailed letter from the Ministry of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning regarding the Dassenberg development. In it they outlined their surprise of the opinion that no pubic process was ente...
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‘Current treatment of ADHD’- You are invited to a talk in Hout Bay

I was contacted by one the visitors to the site who has a very good cause to which they are associated. As someone who has a two and a half year old who is full of energy it is also one with which I can readily sympathize. The Hout Bay Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Support Group has organized a talk/lecture about the current treatments of the disorder. All the det...
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Egyptian Geese are from Egypt-right?

At this time of year I am delighted and annoyed by the arrival of hordes of Egyptian Geese that descend onto Fish Hoek sports field. Delighted- because they are beautiful, interesting and funny birds. Annoyed- it isn't the birds' fault, they turn grass into guano, and they haven't been supplied with enclosed toilets yet, which was an issue raised at the last election, but...
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If you tried to view the site this morning (Sunday, 10th July) and got a weird bunch of nonsense instead then please accept my sincere apologies- as you can see, things are up and running as normal again. I was updating the system I use for administering the site and the auto updater failed, resulting in the error messages. It then took me 3 hours to discover which file was ...
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More road lunacy on the Cape Peninsula

Car on its side
Despite all the recent local media attention regarding the problems on the roads on the Cape Point Peninsula it seems that the message is not getting through. On Sunday evening, just as I was leaving the house to walk the dogs, I heard an almighty screech, crash and a crunching sound. I thought at first it was from Kommetjie Road, but it wasn't so I rushed out the back of the h...
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Limonchello- a great way to make use of the season’s bounty of Cape Lemons

Lemons on a tree
It is citrus season on the Cape and so all things orange and lemon are very cheap in the shops. We have a lemon tree on our veranda that is overloaded with fruit this year. Lemons are not the kind of thing that you want to eat as fruit, and there is only so much you can squeeze it on. There is always cocktail hour but what about the rest of the crop. As the old saying ...
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