New look for Cape Point Chronicle

Sun light shining through the big fir treeIf you are new to the site then don’t worry about this article, just have a browse and enjoy the content. Returning readers will be wondering what is going on. I have decided to have a bit of a change. Recently I have realized that there is now a lot of information on the site. The previous layout didn’t make this obvious.

Visitors tended to visit one article and then leave the site. Even my own wife hasn’t got the hang of the way the old layout worked. To really get full value of the sites features you had to open a post, which you didn’t have to do from the front page.

The new layout gives me much more flexibility for the front page and I have some ideas that I want to start implementing to make the site even more useful to local residents and visitors to the area. It is a work in progress so you may see more changes. If you happen to visit the site and it looks a complete mess you may have arrived at a time when I am changing something. Be patient and please return.

If  you have any problems with the site then please let me know, bugs are always a concern when changing anything on a computer and I have had to do a lot of programming to get this layout- so any number of mistakes could have been made. Also, feedback about the new look will be very appreciated, good or bad.

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