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Download our Where To Eat Phone apps for free right here at Cape Point Chronicle

If you are looking for somewhere to eat out, or are wanting to eat in, make use of our fun and free phone apps. The apps are directories of local eateries, be they restaurants or takeaways. You can get the name, address, phone number, and a description of what they do for each place; and some of them even have there full menus.

This is a free app, and it is free for the restaurants and takeaways of the South Cape Peninsula to be included. So if your favourite place isn’t on the app, let them know to go and register.

Downloading Where To Eat is free and simple. We have designed the apps to be as small and lightweight as possible. They work by downloading tiny text files onto your phone (we are talking a few kilobytes), and using that data in the app. If you are not connected to a data network then the app simply uses the files it already has stored, so you can still get the info you wanted.

Android users

Our apps are not in the Google store so you will need to change a setting on your phone.

  • Go to your phones ‘settings’ options menu
  • Select ‘applications’
  • Check the box next to ‘unknown sources’
  • Click ‘ok’ if a dialogue box appears, and you think we are a trustworthy source
  • Open your phones browser and open this page
  • Select the app that you want to download
  • You should then get a message asking if you wish to download the app, or your phone may start the download automatically, depending on your settings
  • Once the app is downloaded (this page should still be visible in your browser) go to your ‘downloads’
  • The app should be there in the list, select it, agree to the options you are given and the app should be installed on your system.
  • It would be best to now go back to your ‘setting’s menu and deselect applications option to allow third party downloads- as you can see, apps download very easily, and it would be a simple thing for a wiz kid to bypass the ‘ok’ options in the download process, so better safe than sorry, and only allow enable third party downloads when you have to.

The first time you use one of the apps you should open it whilst you are connected to a data network so that it can download the directory file onto your system.

Feel free to download as many of our apps as you like, and share them with anyone at all, the more people that use them, the more useful they will be and lets face it, having information at your beck and call, right in the palm of your hand is pretty cool.

Android Where To Eat Apps

┬áCape Town South Peninsula– Everywhere south of Muizenberg (not including Antarctica)

Cape Town Southern Suburbs– covers the areas of Bergvliet, Bishopscourt, Claremont, Constantia, Diep River, Harfield Village, Heathfield, Kenilworth, Mowbray, Newlands, Observatory, Pinelands, Plumstead, Retreat, and Rondebosch

Iphone users

Sorry, we are still developing the apps for Iphone- this is because I already knew how to do the programming for Android, but will have to learn Iphone stuff from scratch. It is on the way though, and I am also going to develop a mobile web site version of the apps so that all platforms can use them.

Windows and Blackberry users

Sorry guys, the % usage of these two operating systems mean that you must have some pretty empty app stores to browse through. Its not all bad news though, see above, we are going to develop a mobile web site version of the apps so that you are not entirely left out.


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