More road lunacy on the Cape Peninsula

Despite all the recent local media attention regarding the problems on the roads on the Cape Point Peninsula it seems that the message is not getting through. On Sunday evening, just as I was leaving the house to walk the dogs, I heard an almighty screech, crash and a crunching sound. I thought at first it was from Kommetjie Road, but it wasn’t so I rushed out the back of the house onto Nelson Road. Sure enough, there it was, a car wreck just past 17th Avenue.
Car on its sideAt first I thought that the car must have been turning into Nelson road and clipped another vehicle, however, only one car was involved. Maybe I should have gone and asked but by now have the emergency services in Fish Hoek were on teh scene being very officious so I carried on walking the dogs (plus my belly was already rumbling so I was keen to get round and home for Sunday dinner).

So, ordinary road, only one car involved, answers on a post card please! Send your entries to:

Cape Point Chronicle “Fed up with idiots in cars” competition.

The first person out of the hat wins a life times supply of road rage.

Fortunately no one was hurt in this incident, though the driver was taken to hospital for precautionary tests and found to be brain dead before the accident.

Seriously, I can only deduce that whoever it was took the corner so fast that the car just flipped over. How fast do you need to take a corner like this to roll a small car? Plenty I should imagine. I just hope that this is a wake up call to the driver and that they are now life long converts to driving responsibly.

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