Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover)

Profile of a Blacksmith Lapwing (plover)
Do we really take notice of what is around us, or do we just think we do? This evening I was doing the daily dog walk. I must confess that a lot of the time this consists of the same route around the Fish Hoek playing field. Often this is a good time to think and I have often done the whole walk and not really registered the fact- other times the walk is the event and I am a...
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I’ve seen my first southern right whale of the season

It wasn't doing anything exciting, just hanging around on the surface- and it took me a while to identify it, too often in the past I have been fooled by floating debris, such as huge rafts of kelp and it was early evening with the setting sun casting shadows on the water. Then, after an eye watering stint of staring- poof, a tell-tale v-shaped puff of water- a Southern Right ...
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Is Cape Town & Cape Point Water Safe to Drink

' Is Cape Town and Cape Point Drinking Water Safe?' - The  Cape Town city authorities keep telling us it is, however it has been hard to miss recently that the water quality seems less than desirable on the Cape Point Peninsula. There have been several times in the last few months that the water from the taps has had a distinctive ‘earthy’ smell to it. It is so strong a smel...
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Fish Hoek Beach- Don’t Blame The Sharks!

Fish Hoek Bay on Christmas Day 2010
I am normally upbeat about Fish Hoek, its a nice place to live, and I chose it over a number of other places in the world. Sometimes though a minority of it's citizens can send me over the edge and make me question the thought processes of my fellow residents. There is a lot of debate on the Cape Point Peninsula, and Fish Hoek in particular about the use of shark nets to m...
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Kalk Bay Fish Fare

Kalk Bay FIsh Fare being held at the Holy Trinity Church 42 Main Road Kalk Bay 10.30 to 6pm.
It is the annual Kalk Bay Fish Fare on Saturday and for once I am going to make sure that I make it there. This is one of those events in the Cape Point Peninsula that I always seem to be too busy to get to, but this year I am going to really make the effort and go see what it is all about. The sign promises great entertainment and it comes with an added joy of a trip to Kal...
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Shark Nets At Fish Hoek Beach

shark nets at Fish Hoek beach
I guess that it was inevitable that the negative publicity surrounding a recent shark attack would lead to shark nets at Fish Hoek beach. Tourism is in a general slump in the area which is inevitably having a knock effect for the rest of the economy. Certainly the portrayal of Fish Hoek beach as being a place that you will get eaten by a great white shark will not have h...
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Cape Point Peninsula Tortoises Under Threat

Poachers Now Targeting the Cape Point Tortoise Population I have received a most disturbing press release from the  Minister of Local Government,Environmental Affairs and Development Planning  (in full below). Apparently the humble tortoise is now the target of poachers. Luckily we live in a very busy, built up area so there are a lot more eyes and ears available than in rural...
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Air Jaws in Fish Hoek

Things have been a little busy with work so I havn't been out and about much recently, and I can't imagine that you would like an account of the inside of my workshop. With that in mind I have to admit that I wasn't there for what happened in this account, it is second hand information, but still, I wish I had seen it and I will probably spend the rest of my life watching out f...
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What to do with the kids during the Christmas Holidays on the Cape Point

Christmas is fast approaching us and it is now that you start wondering what are you going to do with the kids for all that time. It won't be long now until they are breaking up from school. As parents of a lively little girl we were trawling the internet looking for things to do over Christmas (luckily Gogo and Bappie (don't ask) are going to be here for the whole of Decemb...
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Atmospheric Sunday in Hout Bay

Hout Bay- the Cape Point Peninsula’s oft forgotten gem It isn’t often that we get to Hout Bay- the geography and road systems of the Cape Point Peninsula seem to make it easier for us to get to a number of places easier than Hout Bay. This Sunday we had other business to take care of in that area so decided to double up and have a trip to the Lions Craft Market in Hout Bay....
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