Beware when buying Wendy Houses and Nutec Homes in Cape Town

JR wendys manufacturers of Nutec Wendy Houses Cape Town
The lengths that JR Wendys are having to go to in order to protect their copyright

I have recently been doing a lot of Internet related work for some of the leading Wendy House, Nutec Wendy House, and garden shed manufacturers in Cape Town.

For some time now I have been doing web site related work for Wendy House manufacturers, J R Wendys. The proprietor, James Cloete, has for the whole of that time been on a mission to stop cowboy operators from stealing images of his company’s work and passing them off as their own.

And by no means is this the only company facing this challenge in the Wendy House and Nutec industry.

Typically the ‘fly-by-nighters’, as they are known, will take images of completed units from the web sites and then use them as part of free classified ad sites such as Gumtree and OLX, and put them on Facebook groups. Often they don’t even try to hide the copyright infringement, leaving water marks in place, leading unsuspecting clients to believe that they may be dealing with the real thing.

Unfortunately, they are not.

Usually clients are attracted by seemingly good prices, or impossible promises. In most cases they are heading for trouble of some kind.

The worst case is the straight out con, where the operator will just disappear with a sizable deposit (believe it or not, this can sometimes be close to 100% of the agreed price). Next on the horror show is the guy who turns up with unqualified laborers, spends weeks hammering and sawing on your drive way and then leaves you with a sub-standard structure and a mess to clean up (sometimes it may only be partially completed too). The first time any bad weather comes along the whole structure is in danger of collapse!

Even if solid Wendy Houses are constructed, in good faith, a lack of industry knowledge and experience can lead to a structure that is not going to last. This makes the good price a bad long term investment.

So, buyer beware! Even the smallest garden shed is going to set you back a sizable lump of cash- certainly enough to make it worth your while doing a little bit of homework before handing money over. Do your research. Are they a legitimate company, do they know what they are talking about, can they show you other work that they have done?

There is certainly nothing wrong with a company advertising on Gumtree. In fact there are guys advertising on there who are closely affiliated with legitimate Wendy House manufacturers. Unfortunately for every legitimate operator on the free platforms, there are an equal number of con men.

What to do before buying Wendy Houses or Nutec Homes in Cape Town

Leon Marais, founder of Arbor Designs Pty Ltd (please note that Leon no longer owns Arbor Designs Pty Ltd) got so upset by the bad name that such operators bring to his industry that he was compelled to compile a list of things to look out for when assessing the merits of different companies. His list has sadly been compiled through the years after encountering someone who has fallen foul of the particular point. He hopes that someone else’s misfortune may help you avoid the same problems (there is another article written around this list: Wendy House And Nutec Home Building Cowboys- Who Are They And How To Spot Them)

Leon maintains that the best thing to do is to check the legitimacy of the company you are about to deal with. Make sure they are real, with good references. Check what they tell you against what others in the industry are saying. Do some research into products and techniques so that you have a better idea when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. And above all do not hand over any money until you are absolutely sure you are not just throwing it away, because if you feel like throwing some money away you can donate it to the entertainment fund of Cape Point Chronicle.

If you do find yourself on the bad end of the deal, and are getting nowhere complaining directly to the company involved then the DTI has produced a guide called “How to complain effectively” and we have included it on the site for you to download.

 Wendy House and Nutec House Manufacturers in Cape Town- who are the good guys?

We obviously cannot have Wendy houses built by every manufacturer in Cape Town and review them for you. However, we can vet them and ensure that they are legitimate companies with a history of good customer care, who will not, in the long run, let you down. And you the customer can help us in this endeavour by adding your comments below. Have you had good or bad service from anyone? The following is a list of manufacturers who have worked with us and subjected themselves to a vetting process. We look at whether they have a good history, have good customer care practices, have trained employees, and in our opinion would be a good company to look at if you are considering buying a Wendy house, garden shed, dog kennel, or Nutec Wendy house.

Try these companies

This shouldn’t replace your own due diligence, but will give you a place to start. Here is a list of companies who operate in Cape Town that we at least know are legitimate companies and not just shells to steal your money.

JR Wendys

Tel: 021 905 8097

email: james.jrwendys @

Address: 1 Metal Road, Blackheath Industria, Cape Town, 7580

Operating out of an industrial unit in Blackheath, good guys JR Wendys specialize in traditional Wendy Houses, Nutec Wendy Houses, and traditional log home style finishes.

Well established, respected, hard working, producers of quality products, ranging from a simple garden shed right through to fully functioning home. This is a serious company that takes serious pride in what it produces. The owner, James Cloete, has worked hard to build his business and continues to work just as hard to maintain and protect the good name and reputation he has built.

World Wendys And Home Improvements


tel: 076-859-3308

Quality, affordable, reliable- from simple garden sheds, to fully functioning living quarters; residential or commercial, these guys have it covered. They also do home improvements and are specialist at moving existing structures.

Saul Ncube, the owner of the company is a man with a plan, to be the top of the pile in Cape Town and the Western Cape, delivering quality units at affordable rates. A hard working set of guys who take care and pride in their work, striving to exceed customer expectations.

Frank Wendy Houses

Tel: 078 817 5072


From simple sheds to houses to live in Frank Wendys has the personnel to pull it off. To quote the owner

“For us, it is about more than value though- our structures are used by people, day in day out, and we have a duty of care to ensure that whether it is a simple structure, or fully plumbed and electrified, our customers need to be able to use those buildings and feel safe and secure.”

And this philosophy is backed up by a guarantee not only of the workmanship but also that all work complies to all necessary building regulations.

Pinnacle Homes

Tel: 083 730 9360


address: 11 Barkley Street, Ruyterwacht, Goodwood, Cape Town 7460

Pinnacle Homes specialize in quality custom Wendy Houses, Nutec Houses, Log Houses, Vibracrete Houses, wooden home relocations, and general home improvements. These guys do some impressive projects, including massive office complexes at the Cape Town Film Studios, and building full size Nutec houses for clients.

This is a growing company with a growing reputation. Believe me, nobody works harder than the owner Michael, and the pride in both the work produced, and the reputation of the business are clearly evident.

They are more of an ‘on site’ operation, but none the less, well worth a look.

This list does not replace your own due diligence (please let us know of any good or bad experiences you have with these companies- it helps us, the companies, and others customers enormously), it merely represents a good place to start, nor is it exhaustive, there are many more good companies out there, we just haven’t worked with them yet. We tend to add companies who people refer to in comments (or ask our advice about) so if you see a new company why not ask us below and we will see if they want to be added to our list.

174 thoughts on “Beware when buying Wendy Houses and Nutec Homes in Cape Town

  1. Nikki says:

    Pls I need help I payed this Andy Wendy’s R14,000 he put up the nutec structure looks so bad he promised to do my electrical and plumbing all for R17,000 been 2 weeks now everyday he got different excuse my daughter had no where to go and he offered to have it done within 3 days who can I contact to help me pls desperate regards Nikki

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Nikki – that sucks. Under the consumer protection act you have a number of rights, however, there are procedures to be followed. I would suggest that you contact somewhere such as the Department of Trade and Industry Office of Consumer Protection (012) 394 1436 / 1558 /1076 and get their advice. Let me know how you get on. In the meantime I will contact some people in the industry to get their advice, however, they are likely to be slow in getting back to me.

    2. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Nikki

      I got some feedback from Arbor Designs and they confirm that the best bet is to start with the DTI. They also sent me a helpful guide which I will email to you and upload to the web site as the Consumer Ombudsman- How to complain effectively

    3. javed says:

      Nikki, andy wendy home address is [address removed] he did me in also

      1. Russell Hepworth says:

        Hi Javed
        I don’t know what I would be open myself up to legally if I published this guys address on here without his consent. Believe me, nothing would make me happier that to publicly expose him, however, I have to be careful. But I cannot see anything stopping me emailing it directly to Nikki, which is what I have done.

  2. Heather Leggett says:


    I just want to find out if you need a plan to build a Nutec house. Places I contacted all say you don’t need a plan. However I am sceptical.
    Heather Leggett

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Heather

      You could double check with your local planning office, however, it is my understanding that if the structure does not require permanent foundations you do not require planning permission [edit- ‘my understanding’ is wrong- see additional comment]. I don’t know if there is a size restriction on this, nor if adding utilities to the building (such as sewerage lines etc) changes its status or not. There may also be caveats regarding use, ie if it is going to be a garden shed, or a full dwelling. If in any doubt it is best to just give your local planning compliance office a ring.

      1. Russell Hepworth says:

        Ok, amendment to this. After further research it appears that planning permission is required for most if not all Wendy houses. Basically there is no basically. There are lots of factors involved and the absolute best thing you could possibly do is to double check your facts and go to your local planning office with a sketch of what you are wanting to do and ask for their advice. Or, if you can get them to come to your house, your local building inspector would be a great source of advice and information. It won’t take you long and will save you a lot of expense and trouble down the line. The main article I read was

  3. johanna says:

    Would like to know is pinnacle Wendy’s in goodwood registered want to use them to build my nutec house

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      If you mean Pinnacle Homes ( then I have to declare an interest, as I did their web site for them. As such I know that they are a registered company (though I cannot speak about any trade organizations), that the address on the web site is a genuine physical address, and that the owner Michael Emmanuel is a conscientious, hard working guy, with an equally dedicated team of employees. They also seem to have satisfied customers (though they are unlikely to declare unhappy ones to their web designer) and I am sure that Michael can provide references and examples of work if you ask him. Whilst dealing with Michael I got the feeling that he really cared about leaving clients happy. At the end of the day though I cannot say that they have ever done work for me.

      1. johanna says:

        Hi Russell I met Micheal all is true so I’m going with them as we speak Thanks alot

        1. Russell Hepworth says:

          Hi Johanna, It would be great if you could comment here about how that goes for you.

        2. Ulin says:

          Hi there Johanna

          I know it’s years down the line, but could you share your opinion on how the structure/building went with Michael an his team? We are considering his services for a Nutec home.
          Thank you kindly.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi Am looking to purchase a Nutec Home. I’m in Athlone area, can you please advise on who to contact.


    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Lisa

      I have been dealing with JR Wendys for years now and never had an issue with them. My association with Arbor Designs has been about 18 months now, and again, good company to deal with. That said, I do work for them, not the other way around. Both companies have been making nutec products for years. A new kid on the block that I have been dealing with is Pinnacle Homes– see previous two comments.

  5. Aneska Januarie says:

    Hi. I would like to know if you can built onto an existing house with this nutec material. I want to add a room onto my house. Thank you

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      I don’t see why not, the framing would be critical. You would also probably need planning permission, and in this your local building inspector is your friend because they will be able to advise you on what is minimum code and standard. I have seen Nutec used a lot for roof and loft conversions, because it is lightweight but durable.

  6. letizia appollis says:

    hi russell i want to buy a nutec house . i have heard about IMUSA TIMBERSWOKS can you give any advice about them or can you prefer me a company

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Letizia

      I have absolutely no history with this company and therefore cannot wholeheartedly say anything about them one way or the other. What I will say is that they seem to tick a lot of the right boxes. With this sort of investment though I wouldn’t stick to the one guy- they are literally around the corner from JR Wendys (1 Metal Road), so why not go see both operations and compare (if you fancy a trip out, go see Arbor Designs, there operation is a real education as they mill their own timber- there is something about seeing a log turned into a building that fascinates me- though they are in Fisantekraal). I really cannot emphasize enough the importance of going and seeing the workshop operations of these guys before you commit any money. Not only does it let you see how they operate it also gives you a sense of security in that you know where they ‘live’- if you use an operator and all you have is a phone number it is just that bit easier for them to disappear with your money- and a morning spent doing your ‘due diligence’ on something that you will be investing significant money on is time well spent as far as I am concerned.

  7. alticia says:

    Hey can you please tell me anything about GG Wendy and Nutec houses cc

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Sorry, I never heard of these guys before.

  8. Shireen says:

    Hi there
    I am also interesting in a nutec house. Can you refer me to someone as I have phoned Imvusa Timberworks and their offices are situated in Blackheath Industrial Area. I have requested from them their price lists for cash and they cannot give any over the telephone or via e-mail. I have a design and would also like to know if they do designes as per the customer. We are willing to pay cash and would just like to purchase a DIY nutec. are there companies who sell the DIY nutec? As Imvusa does not…

    Kind regards and thank you in advance.

    Shireen Smith

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Shireen, of the companies I have listed Arbor Designs are most likely to be able to help you with this. Their number is 021 975 6811.

  9. Melissa Fortuin says:

    Please help I use someone called
    he just buildt the structure and do not want to come back before I paid the balance,what can I do because I am not going to pay him a cent more

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Melissa

      That sounds like an impasse- the Consumer Ombudsman has produced a nifty document that you may find useful – It gives pointers about how to complain and includes some phone numbers that you may find useful in your circumstances: those being the Western Cape Consumer Affairs Office – 0800 007 081; and The National Home Builders Registration Council – 011 348 5700. Either one of these organizations would be able to give you further advise on your position.

  10. Kashiefa says:

    Dear Russell
    I have to commend you on a fantastic website!

    We would like to extend on our existing home (i.e. going up), however our budget is minimal. We would like to build economically by using nutec structures. Please could you advise whether we need a specialist timber/nutec architect and where I could find them? I’ll probably use Arbor or Pinnacle for the construction.
    Thanks and regards

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Kashiefa

      Thank you- I work hard on my site and its always good to know people are enjoying it.

      You are probably going to need an architect, definitely a draftsman, because someone who is qualified is going to have to draw up some plans for you that can be submitted to your local planning department. Whether that is handled by the company you use to do the build or an independent person you appoint your self is really up to you. It make sense though that you find someone who has experience of this type of construction and asking the companies who do the building work for recommendations would be a good way to go. You could also ask your local building inspector for their input.
      I’m not entirely sure that Arbor Designs would be interested in the job, they have a factory set up for making Wendy Houses etc, but they may have a contractor who they supply who does that kind of thing. Pinnacle certainly do home improvements, extensions and additions, using nutec products, but I would also get quotes from a range of people, including general contractors.
      One thing I would advise you to do is to see if the companies will let you know of work that they have done in the past, say over a year old- not so that you can contact the clients or anything (though that would be a bonus) but for nothing more than to drive by and see what the quality is a bit further down the line. I have seen a lot of building work going up around where I live- particularly adding another level to the property- where the work when finished looked great, but was done in quite a shoddy manner, so a year down the line cracks start to appear and things don’t look all that good any more.

  11. Delicia says:

    Hi, I’m interested in adding a nutec kitchen to an existing separate entrance and needed to know of companies in the Southern Suburbs. Do you have any comments on Lifestyle Depot?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      I don’t know anything about Lifestyle Depot, maybe someone else can comment? If you do deal with them please let me know how it goes.
      As for companies who operate in the Southern Suburbs, all the guys I do mention do work all over Cape Town and beyond.

  12. Bianca says:

    hi my name is Bianca.i bought a nutec house cash last year, when I got retrenched.the company in Atlantis charge me R33300 for n 3by9 structure,toilet and electricity includes.they promised me the world.its gonna be warm in the winter and cold in the summer.the did really gave me a piece of shit to say the least.i still cant say openly that this is my house,and my hard earned money.i called them several times, even went to them.they came up and down to fix what needed to be complain is…they did poor wooden floor is shitty,they used green plastic linning.who uses green plastic linning for a nutec and promise u warmth in winter and cool in summer? I cant make peace with the fact that they did this to toilet and plumbing cost me R5600,after they ask me another R1000 to partitioned the toilet from the rest of the u think its fair for wendy people to rib people of and carry on as if nothing happened?

  13. Kashifa says:

    Hi Russell,

    Thank you for this most insightful forum. I have truly learnt allot and have become more vigilant.

    I need to build a permanent separate entrance and I would prefer the nutec material. I’m looking for a reputable company or individual who will be able to supply the structure as well as the plumbing, electrical and carpentry work.

    Can you recommend anyone please?

    Many thanks.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Kashifa
      Thank you. There are some companies mentioned in the article that you could contact, and others have been mentioned in the comments.
      Kind regards

  14. sam says:

    do u know about company call Wendy Cape cc in kilarney gardens
    cape town

  15. sam says:

    do u know Wendy Cape cc in Kilarney gardens

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      I know of them, though I can’t comment about the level of service or quality as I have had no involvement with them.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone, please be very very weary when you choose to utilise someone’s building services. This “Andy Wendys” guy from Delft is a Scammer!!! I paid Andrew Petersen R64,000 which he literally persuaded me to transfer before putting up the Nutec structure which me the fool did because what do I know- had no idea that you pay half and the rest on completion provided you happy with the work done. He’s left the site without even putting on the roof, i had to pay someone else to finish. Had the audacity to say that he didnt know how to put on the roof instead of informing me before starting the whole process. The roof was literally patched up, bits and pieces of wood was used. We had the supplier TM Wood forward us the quote for the material used, amounted to R27,000 but i transferred R33,000 to their account initially. No other material was received, in fact the place was not even finished halfway. I am so furious, we’ve been contactiing him, his wife is aware of what he does and she is probably okay wiith it. This Andy guy is a backyard builder who has no idea what he’s doing, he uses other people to do the onsite work, he is never on site, assuming he doesnt know how to do the job himself. And the supplier TM Wood is no good either! They all in this together it seems.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:


      Not the first person to contact us about Andy Wendys. Seems that nothing is slowing this guy down. There are places that you can complain to (see other comments for details- it was also comments left by a disgruntled Andy Wendys customer!) At the very least report it to the correct places- maybe you won’t get any money back but there might be a weight of evidence that final tips against this guy. How did you find out about this guy in the first place? If it was through a free classified site like Gumtree you should also report any ads of his to the web site. They are pretty good at removing dodgy ads from their sites which I think could seriously hamper his ability to do business (I hope nobody is referring this guy to their friends- probably not a friend any more if that is the case).

  17. chanell says:

    hi did u hear of wonderfull wendys already, situated is stellenbosc but I cant find the given address on google maps.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      I have heard the name but not much else

      1. leon muller says:

        Good day, I am looking for a reliable company to build a seaside cottage in Gordons bay of about 60-70 sqr meters for a client and would appreciate your help.
        Leon 071 897 4459

        1. Russell Hepworth says:

          Hi Leon, it depends on what you are looking for- if it is a Wendy house type thing, all the companies listed above will be able to make the accommodation very comfortable inside without laying down permanent foundations. Don’t listen to them when it comes to planning permissions though- do your own research on that. If you are looking for something more permanent I recently has some correspondence with a company that specialize in wooden homes rather than Wendy houses- and whilst researching them I found a company called who might also be able to point you in a good direction- though I must point out that I have no personal experience of either company.
          Let us know how you get on.
          Kind regards

  18. Joan says:

    can someone please assist me on how to buy a wendy house. what the steps are to buy a wendy house and what the terms are. also all the need to know stuff that no one cares to share with you about the wendy house. thank you in advance.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      You can start with some articles we wrote for Arbor Designs Pty Ltd regarding some aspects of Wendy Houses and Nutec structures. By ‘terms’ I assume you mean credit, which will vary depending on the company you contact.

  19. Leeche says:

    Hi there,
    I pray that you’ll be the last point of contact with my issue @ hand.
    This will be a rather lengthy one, I do apologize in advance, there is no short version which will make you understand the issue at hand.

    • Decided to get married so we figured the best temp dwelling will be a wendy as we planned to get married and had the time scale of 6 months to finance everything.

    • We bought a wendy, paid R68 000, was Suppose to be a L-shape 4mx12mx4m peak roof, completed with kitchen cupboards plumbing with geyser, bath(shower is in the bath that was to be half sunken), electrical work done, little porch with fencing, cover over porch, we paid an extra R8000 for built-in job like the rooms and kitchen because he was go good @ being a con and had such good contacts but we got nothing that was promised.

    • Two days before I got married I was in the home I was suppose to be packing my clothes into and decorating, instead I walked into a 3mx12m shell (raw shell with green plastic and all as wall paint) using my moms massive curtains as partitioning and as painted walls against the green plastic background.

    •my husband lost his job soon after we got married, and the only thing we able to get done ourselves because my husband is not exactly a DIY kinda-person was running water (one tap that’s hanging in the bath) and a toilet (paid about R3000 for the bath, hand basin with pedestal, toilet and due to not knowing what way forward and what to do the bath is completely damaged and needs replacing and the hand basin broke due to being moved all around not having it installed). We got a 2nd hand kitchen sink (not installed and laying around), I have attempted to make my own kitchen built-in cupboards because we had no cupboards (used 2nd hand board and kitchen cupboard doors as dividers). We basically just had our clothes and not much crockery and crockery. We were planning on buying as time passed but that never happened either.

    • I have been trying to get the cheapest best way forward since then. But its been a mentally, emotionally, financial, time consuming ordeal.

    • I was disputing a credit issue with RCS that I’ve paid on my 21st a closing amount of R12000 which was 2years before got married, yet after the whole con issue trying to apply for finance to complete the house I discovered it was still showing @ transunion that I’m not paying my monthly installments and after 2 years of battling to get that cleared, somehow it shows now that I’ve applied for a loan @ african bank which is dating a year before I got married which I have not done and still battling with african bank and CPA as the information is all correct but signature is incorrect and awaiting camera footage of me actually “apply for the loan”. Its been HELL. I was pregnant aswell with my son and was difficult to get a job being pregnant, and this dispute as companies do credit check and when you over a certain amount they don’t employ you and I was forced to stay home and my husband and myself was doing our own little businesses from home for an income. I eventually got a job yet was not easy finding help or a way around this situation.

    • What I was planning to achieve:
    (i) Get a company who was willing to do the initial plan of how the house should be and let me pay them directly without getting financed loans. That failed after trying @ most companies I’ve came across and asking around half begging (and I’m not about that life, but I was desperate) whomever I came across in that trade.

    (ii) Get an expert to come see the place and give me best solution and advice on what to do and steps to take but no-one would come out without me paying a call out fee of R250.00 and would only be free if they the job was there’s.
    When paying the R250.00 they overcharged or don’t offer the pay-off service only through finance.
    So if you know of a company who does this sort of payment arrangements please let me know or humble enough to take the time and heart to help with advise and a plan forward.

    (iii) Done my own research on DIY projects (reason why I still want this place bigger is I have 3kids and the 3m is very narrow and I didn’t want to spend money by getting temporary things whereby it would’ve contributed towards getting what I initially wanted. But I’m no contractor and don’t exactly know what’s the most cost efficient and best way forward and proper steps to take. Help will be appreciated aswell, any advice or referrals are welcome.

    (iv) I’m trying to get the cheapest building materials and reliable aswell.

    I have gathered a portfolio of ideas and research by internet and going into hardware stores to get quotes and advise aswell but somehow I always hit a wall with “you must 1st do this before that”

    So before I literally loose it completely and spend money I’m going to end up wasting and getting a stroke because of this I hope you can help me in anyway possible. I am currently the only one who is working so financially I have a limited amount to fork out but can do with an installment plan on a monthly basis or buying material on a monthly basis that is a structured plan and step-by-step planing to get this done.

    In summer its extremely hot, in winter its extremely cold, its not a good environment for my kids and they need and deserve a safe a functioning home. Currently its an unhealthy environment and frustrating for them.

    I know its a rather lengthy post, I’m so sorry lol… ( You can only imagine how many times I’ve had to repeat myself and how time consuming this has been each and every time.)

    1. Russell Hepworth says:


      That’s quite a lot to take in but here we go:

      First, sorry to hear about the initial bad contractor, which it seems was where everything initially went wrong. I am assuming that this was quite a while ago and there is little chance of restitution in that direction.

      As for your plan:

      1. I think you are going to struggle to find a company that will let you pay them directly rather than going the finance route. It comes down to two issues. First, if the building company work through a finance house they get paid up front for the work they do, which is a massive plus for their cash flow. Secondly, they don’t have to worry about debt collecting if the client stops paying.

      2. I understand what you are trying to achieve here, but then so do the building firms. They probably surmise that their is likely very little in it for them other than giving free advice. I used to do custom carpentry for a living and know all too well the ‘free’ design service that I sometimes seemed to be offering. When you don’t have any money R250 is money you cannot afford to give away, but if you have found someone who can give you sound advice, will point you in the right direction, and advise you as to how to do the work (with what materials) it may be R250 well spent. If you go it alone and are not good at DIY you may end up making costly mistakes that an expert may help you avoid.
      I would suggest that you try and find a friend or relative who does a lot of DIY and get their input. Talk to anyone who has anything to say. You will get a lot of bad advice but if 3 people tell you the same thing then it may be the right thing to do. You can also get a lot of advice and assistance from DIY stores. For example, my local MICA store employs a lot of semi-retired tradesmen as shop assistants, and they are always happy to pass on knowledge.

      3. DIY store again, can’t harm to ask, especially if you use the same store all the time. Buy a tin of paint and then ask about something else.

      4. Careful with ‘cheapest’ materials. Again, it is always tempting because money is tight but in the long run it is better to get the right materials, rather than the cheapest. Paint is a classic for this. You buy a cheap enamel paint for woodwork that is a fifth of the price of a top brand. But it takes countless layers of paint to achieve anything approaching a good finish. Meanwhile, the top brand only requires two, and will last at least twice as long before it needs doing again.

      I personally don’t think that a contractor will take you on without either having the money up front or by going through the financing company they use. So it seems that your options are reduced to DIY. On that front Youtube is your friend (you wouldn’t believe the things I have tackled by watching how to videos on Youtube) and a bit of common sense mixed with confidence to just tackle it.

  20. Adiela says:

    Hi Russel
    I am purchasing a wendy with bathroom and plumbing for R32 000. 00 being financed from Imvusa Trading. I have not seen any of their products, what should i do to be sure its safe before i sign?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      You are going to commit to R32,000 of credit (so, much more than R32,000) without seeing any of their work? That’s brave! The language you use speaks volumes to me and I urge you to take a long hard look at this before you do anything. “…what should I do to be sure its safe before I sign?” is preceded by, “I am purchasing…” This suggests that you are already mentally committed to this transaction, you just want to convince yourself that you are right. This is dangerous because you will find way of justifying your decision, no matter what the facts tell you.
      First of all, don’t sign anything yet. That’s a massive commitment to make blind, because that’s what you are at the moment. Second, do some research. You need to see projects similar to the one you are having done, you need references so that you can check quality of work and service, and you need to look at other companies to compare what they offer at the same price point. Are Imvusa doing the work- all of it, and if they are using sub-contractors, who is responsible if something goes wrong. You can also use the internet, do a search on the company, but go several pages deep in the results and see if there is anything posted anywhere. Do they have an active social media site, if so, have a look to see what others are saying.
      Please, do your homework before committing to that kind of a financial burden. It may all be OK, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry (a big alarm bell will be if they start bullying you into signing if you tell them what you are doing)

    2. John Snyman says:

      Did you receive the wendy from Imvusa?

  21. wardah says:

    Hi Russel, none of these guys you recommend do double stories and I’d like to go up. Anyone else you can recommend. ?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      No, sorry, I think you are either looking for a general builder or a timber home specialist.

  22. anonymous says:

    This Andy guy lives in Malibu – he is the lowest scum of this earth – also conned my mom them – was supposed to do a house within a week – its the fourth week and its still not done – now he’s claiming more money because ‘prices went up’+ he has no pride in his work – he’s done a horrible job – luckily she only gave him 95% of his quoted price. We’ll habe to find another contractor to complete the job. TM woods was his supplier in this case as well

    1. melanie says:

      hi there, he has done the same thing to me. it’s going onto 5 weeks and everytime he says he is coming to finish the job he doesnt. I really think i’m going to take this matter further. he is a HUGE SCAM. he can’t get away with this

      1. Russell Hepworth says:

        Is this Ashley’s Wendy Houses Melanie?

        It seems to me that there are a few names that keep cropping up in relation to rip off Wendy guys. Seems to me that you guys should band together to go after these guys. Individually you are maybe powerless, but if you combined your resources you might get yourselves a further, maybe even convince a lawyer it is worth taking on?

        1. melanie says:

          no it’s Andy’s Wendys

          1. Russell Hepworth says:

            Even better, there seems to be no shortage of people that he has ripped off I think I just counted four in this thread. One person complaining alone has little effect, but if you start organizing you have much more power.

  23. Vickus says:

    I want to have a big project done, and I saw an ad on gumtree for Oasis landscapers. I just wanted know if you perhaps know a little or a lot about them and their work ethic and quality.
    Any feedback will be welcomed and appreciated.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Vickus

      Don’t know them personally, and an internet search brings up nothing but the Gumtree ads, unless they are the same company as Oasis Design, but looking at their web site I highly doubt it. I personally would proceed with extreme caution if all there is to go on are the Gumtree ads.

  24. Ella says:

    Please could you assist with a reputable wendy house company in Overberg area.

    Thank you

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      You might try some of the guys listed in the article because I know that they do work outside Cape Town. I guess it will be whether they feel it is worth the trip out.

  25. Candice says:

    Hi there just wanna know if anyone have this Andy Wendy’s address. I really wanna expose this guy in this news paper. He just keep on conning people.My father who gets a disability grant was 1 of many of this guys victims. My father payed him 29000 cash for a nutec house and it been weeks and the jobs not done and this Andy is not answering his phone and now my father have to pay other people to finish the job and he have to pay the loan that he mad to pay this Andy in cash. This guy is really disgrace to the industry..

    1. melanie says:

      Hi Candice,

      is there any way that we can email each other. he has done the same to me.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hi Candice,

      [address removed]

      1. Russell Hepworth says:


        I cannot and will not publish someone’s personal details on this site without their permission no matter what that person is supposed to have done.

    3. Anonymous says:

      as his information cannot be revealed, contact me on

    4. Anonymous says:

      happy for you to contact me on

  26. Lucien Petersen says:

    I note that most of the comments are about Wendy houses.

    I however, have a storage problem. I’m thinking that a 2m x 2m or thereabouts garden shed would be a suitable solution. Perhaps a little bigger.

    It has to be secure though, I live in Atlantis. Burglaries are commonplace.

    Any suggestions?

  27. Lee-Ann says:

    Good Day,

    Have you ever heard of “Everite”, how reputable are they?

    Thanks in advance

  28. Zita says:

    I there just want to know if anyone can help me i already have a wendy house 3 x 6 I just want to add on a bathroom and 2 bedrooms what will this cost me i dont a have alot of money as earn a minimum wage but is there any advice on how i can achieve this in the most cost effective way.

  29. bonnie says:

    Hi, my name is Bonnie. I paid R45 000 for a 9 x 12 nutec wendy house to be installed. This included plumbing, toilet, kitchen and bathroom sink and electrical installation together with pitched roof and ceiling ny Ashley’s wendy houses. Do you perhaps know of them.

    The wooden floors that they installed were so badly done with big gaps between that you could see the ground through them. The stable door was too short and had big spaces at the top and bottom that we even had a rate come through the space. The shower floor was not complete and am still waiting for them to fix the faults. I had to remove all the floors in the wendy house and have cement floors put in at my expense.

    One week after they had finished putting the wendy house up they toilet started leaking and I am still waiting for them almost 6 months later to come and fix the faults. I am now looking for someone to help me fix the wendy house to a proper standard at a minimal cost. I also would like to know where I would be able to get a plan so that I could make it look like a house. This would be on a cash basis

  30. Vickus says:

    Hi Russel,

    Any background information on Global MD enterprises? They also do Nu tec and gave me quite a decent quotation. Want to know if it will be safe to proceed

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Never heard of them before, but I did find their Facebook page which shows some genuine images of their work . Can’t speak to quality but it looks like they are legit and have completed some big projects. Maybe you can get some of the names of the people they completed work for and go have a look?

      1. Cyrildine says:

        BIG NO NO NO!!!!….I paid them to for Carport and Nutec Structure and they left me with an Incomplete MESS!!

        1. Russell Hepworth says:

          Who did Cyrildine?

          EDIT – Ok, seen it in context with the thread now- you mean Global MD

          1. Cyrildine says:


  31. elizabeth says:

    Hi do you know anything of frankswendy

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Never heard of them personally, but I did find a web site

  32. Thami says:

    Hi Russel
    I want a nutec wendy house for a fashion design company. We have machine, dummies and reels. We are a team of six. We want something like 150 Square meters. How much do you think we can pay and please suggest a reliable and suitable company for us…thank you

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Thami, contact Dennis or Adrian at Arbor Designs (021 975 6811 or James at JR Wendys (021 9058097). As for cost, a unit of that size for business purposes is going to have a lot of variables so better just contact the guys and get a quote.

    2. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Thami
      Contact Dennis at Arbor Designs (021 975 6811 or James at JR Wendys (021 9058097, they will be happy to help you out. It might also be worth your while going out to see them,as it will be easier to discuss options and materials if you can see what they are. I think that Arbor Designs own site office might be worth a look for you as it is probably the exact same thing you are looking for.
      Be sure to mention that you were recommended by Russell at Cape Point Chronicle- I don’t get anything for it but always nice to be acknowledged.

  33. Rudi Palvi says:

    I want n nutec house to live in for atlease 6 month’s. It wil by outside Durbanville in Mikpunt (klipheuwel). Can anyone advise me to someone that can built me one please. Rudi

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Rudi 021 975 6811 talk to Dennis
      or 021 905 8097 talk to James.

      What ever you do avoid Andy’s Wendys as per numerous comments on this page.

    2. malik says:

      try wendy cape i used them years ago had a 5 year garentee had no need to contact them after completion wendy 3×12 lasted for years and was still sold at a profit after it was relocated.

  34. Arnold says:

    Please furnish the name of reputable firm to erect Nutec/Wendy house in Stanford. Arnold

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Most of the guys I deal with do work in other areas of the Western Cape, not just Cape Town, though I think it will depend on what is on offer as to how they handle it. Worth contacting them anyway and see if they are interested. Otherwise, if anybody has any suggestions to help Arnold out please add your comments.

  35. lee says:

    Good Day Russel

    Have you heard of the company ‘Nutec Home Builders’?. They say their offices are in Blackheath.

    Kind Regards

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Lee

      Yes, and no. The owner, Carl, got in touch in May wanting a quote for sorting out his web site. Nothing came of that, but I got the impression of it being a professional outfit. At the time (May) and still according to their website ( they do not take up front payments of any kind. This points to a large company with sufficient operating cash flow to be well run and viable. Although, if you go by the quality of the new website (which I think Carl did himself) you would run a mile.

      1. Tim says:

        Yes, Andy lives in Malibu. A big conman. Did not finish a job he was fully paid for in Montana. Andy’s eldest brother Barend is the Pastor of the AFM church in Blackheath and the accountant for a big company which I cannot mention. Try to contact his brother who I believe can talk some sense into this conman’s head.

      2. lee says:

        I saw their website and have been in touch with “NutecHomeBuilders”, but something doesnt seem right to me. Haven’t got a adress for them, as if they dont want to tell me.

        1. Russell Hepworth says:

          A lot of small business owners who are based from home are touchy about giving out the address. There are a lot of nutters out there. Of course, it can be that they don’t want the villagers turning up with pitch forks and burning torches after they rip one too many people off… Its the no deposit thing that makes me think that they are legit. As for whether they can do the work, ask for references. Any work that they have done has to be highly visible somewhere. Beyond that I cannot say because my involvement began and ended with a quote for a web site. He decided to redo it himself (imagine what the old site looked like if this is an improvement?!) and all I wish is that he had used a spell -checker.
          Maybe if anyone else has any news on these guys?

        2. Sharm says:

          Good lee ,I want to know did u use nutechomebuilders as i got a rough quote from them,however i want to know how the quality nd service is from them

        3. Sharm says:

          Good lee ,I want to know did u use nutechomebuilders as i got a rough quote from them,however i want to know how the quality nd service is from them

      3. glynis says:

        I recently contacted Nutechomebuilders and they gave me a quote which was acceptable. I also was worried about their website – made me suspicious. I would appreciate any further info on them if possible.

        1. Russell Hepworth says:

          yeah, the web site. The buy basically did it himself, and not using a web site building tool like wordpress- he sat down and worked out how to code the thing himself. So kudos for that, but as the adage goes- you get what you pay for. That said, and despite the web site looking the way it does (with all its typos) they do seem like a legit company who will do a good job in a timely manner. So if anyone has a finished project, or a currently building with Nutec Home Builders please let us know how it is going.

  36. Chris Dooner says:

    Looking for advice as I have run foul of SANS 10400 Part-T as it applies to a plan to use a 3×6 Wendy House as a garden store between a garage and boundary. Cape Town Fire Safety Officers are insisting that in order to comply with Tables 2 and 14 of the regulation the structure must either be made of fibre cement (Nutec) that is either a minimum of 9,5mm thick on 75/38mm wooden studs at 400mm spacing (thereby automatically complying with Table 14) or provide a Fire Test certificate in respect of the 6mm Nutec that seems to be the norm in the domestic industry.
    Does any one know of suppliers who will provide either an acceptable fire test certificate or use 9,9/9,5mm fibre cement sheeting?
    Thereafter the safety distance to the lateral boundary issue (Table 2) will still have to be addressed.
    The implications of my dilemma are that many Wendy Houses are very likely falling foul of the regulations, to the extent that the use thereof on typical Cape Town size plots can not be approved. Even worse are the implications for informal settlements and “Backyarders” and of course the industry as a whole.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Chris
      I have forwarded your comment to Arbor Designs to get their feedback on this. It seems like the issue is being incurred because the shed is in the boundary of the property, and therefore provides a fire bridge between you and next door- I imagine that a solution is possible.
      To be honest, the whole industry seems to turn a blind eye to a lot of planning issues regarding Wendy houses and garden sheds. The manufacturers tend to take the view that it is up to the client to make sure that they are compliant with planning, and quickly change the subject if you say ‘what about planning?’
      I should imagine that a vast number of such structures are in violation of some kind of planning or building regulation, and there is usually no issue until it comes to sell the property, at which time the surveyor will cry foul and the easiest thing to do is to remove the structure.

  37. Monrico says:

    Hi all

    I am looking to be a nu-tec house 9×12
    I’m located in Athlone. Please provide me with the nassary info please.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Rico

      I am not a Wendy House manufacturer but you might try Arbor Designs or JR Wendys (listed above) who are.

      Kind regards

  38. bronwin says:

    People do not go to GG wendy houses that is a huge con they promise u the best services and than takes your money they got me with R18500 and I don’t even have the wendy house

  39. Neeka says:

    Good day

    Does anyone have feedback about a company called Great Towers Trading?

    1. Denese Martin says:

      Reg. No.2014/0154629.
      We want to use him to build a nutec house.

      1. Russell Hepworth says:

        Hi Denese
        A quick internet search brings up nothing about this company- is not a registered web site, nor is the domain registered for future use. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, the same company as mentioned in this article. JR Wendys is run by James Cloete, not Jason Ruvai. I did not go as far as doing a company search on the registration no, however, I strongly advise that you do a LOT of due diligence on this company before handing over any money.

  40. Brett says:


    I am looking to buy in the Wilderness area and would like to both build a Nutec apartment on the property as well as add an additional room onto a conventional house. Do you know of any reliable Nutec builders out there.

  41. Zanne says:

    Hi there. Still no comment on Lifestyle Depot? I know of someone who is considering them but would prefer some endorsement

  42. Keith Ford says:

    Good day,
    Do you know anything about Nutec Homes and Renovations By Neil ?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Sorry Keith, never heard of them myself

    2. Anita says:

      Hi Keith, have you had any luck with Nutec Homes and Renovations By Neil??

  43. Lana Maris says:

    Thanks for all this comments it helped me a lot searching for someone to build me an Nutec Granny flat

  44. Darrol says:

    Hi Russell
    Do you know anything of a company called Wendy Nutec Houses SA
    They say they are situated in London Road Clifton but the map says London Road Observatory?
    When you try to contact them then there’s no answer phone stay off.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Never heard of them, and can’t find them online searching the company name. I have to ask, why are you trying so hard to contact them? They sound very, very dodgy, and may very well no longer be trading. If you haven’t given them money yet then walk away, quickly!

  45. Sherylyn says:

    Everyone that mentioned Imvusa Timber works. did you guys end up using them? how did it go? they have given me a good quote and sound legit buy I would like to find out from someone who actually used them.

  46. Taz says:

    Good Day,

    I too would like to know if anyone has used either Imvusa Timber or Imvusa trading please.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      They do seem to come up a lot in the comments- second in a row, so if anybody has anything to say…

  47. Etienne says:

    Hi Russell
    How long do these houses last for (Nutec or wood)
    I am planning to retire and this really tickles my fancy. The idea of finding a plot in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors is what I’m looking for. I realise that there are more factors involved with regards to water/electricity etc. But I’m just looking for a starting point to get an idea.
    Thank you and thank goodness I came across your website – Well Done

  48. Chantal says:

    Hi Russell

    Just want to know if Wendy Houses Cape Town in Blackheath is legit 7 if anyone used them before

  49. Marlene says:

    Hi Russell
    Do you know anything of a company called Nutec Home Builders (Gansbaai)

  50. Elzasnna says:

    Hi Russel.. Me and hubby has been looking at some companies to do a nutec house for us. Do you know the company “Accom Pasrk Homes” they don’t give you an address but they do mention somewhere on their site that they in kalbaskraal. The structures that they supplying seem nice though. I don’t know what it is but I like what I see. Also “lifestyle depot” and “Belnuteec” has anyone use any of these companies?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      I’ve heard of some of these guys, but have no personal contact.Of the three Belnuteec are the newest kids on the blocks, but all seem fairly well established. As with all these companies, its a question of doing your due diligence. You are about to hand over a massive sum of money, so be sure before you do that they are the company for you. There is no better way of assessing their work than seeing it, and speaking to the people who already handed over the cash. The company should be able to provide some form of reference, or at the very least be happy to show you their working practices. Its still no guarantee, because any business could suddenly find themselves in difficulties, and there goes your deposit, but it is usually a good indicator that if they have been in business for a while, and have a string of happy clients, who are willing to back them, then they will be all right.

  51. Elzanna says:

    Hi Russel its me again. Do you know anything about “”? Thank you for this website it really heels us folks to make informed decisions and not throw our hard earned money away. Thanks again .

  52. Kharla says:

    Hi Russel
    we are wanting a Nutec and have done a bit of work and found a company called Cerff Engineering – looking at his fb page he has one terrible review with actual comments and then a bunch of 5 star ratings with no comment which has made me suspicious … as if he just got his friends to tick stars… i’m concerned that some of the pics he’s used may be pirated – any comment on their workmanship?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      That review is concerning, but 10 reviews are never going to tell you much of worth (though one of them is clearly from a relative). One way to tell if they are legit is to ask them where those projects featured on Facebook are, then drive past the place, and call in to ask the owner who did the work.

  53. Kharla says:

    and what about lifestyle depot ?
    anyone had work done by them?

  54. Sherylyn says:

    HI, I’ve had awesome experience with Imvusa Trading the Wendy house was built professionally and they did a fantastic a fantastic job. I was worried about the storm but the structure remained strong with no leaks at all. I’m very happy with them and would highly recommend them

    1. Dale says:

      Thanks Sherylyn…im in the process of purchasing a Nutec home from Imvusu…so far ive just heard positives about them…they offered to pick myself and fiance up the weekend to have a look at their workshop no charge…i think that will determine if i will be using them or not…

      PS: this is a great thread, very helpfull!

  55. Sherylyn says:

    oh and would you kindly remove my email address from the public platform thanks

  56. Dale says:

    Im in the process of buying a Nutec home from Imvusu…from the research ive done all i can see is positives…they even offered to pick myself and fiance up to have a look at their workshop no charge…i think that will determine if i use them or not..

    PS: this is a really help full thread thanks!

  57. sam jardine says:

    Hi Also been looking for a Nutec company to build a house for us. I came across a ‘Mr Nutec’ – Laurens is his name. Has anyone had work done by his company. Can’t find any online reviews

  58. Nadia says:

    We bought a Wendy at lifestyle depot while they were still busy we already had complaints now a few months later floor is breaking and roof leaking where do I go to you keep on calling but no one comes out. We already fixed the toilet and tried stopping for roof that leaks. But I must still pay the bank for this Wendy another 5 years and its breaking already. Help please

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Nadia, there is an official procedure you can follow to have disputes handled. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens so often, and I get asked for help so often, that I have uploaded the guide put out by the ombudsman onto the site Consumer Ombudsman- How to complain effectively
      Good luck

  59. Pamela says:

    I would be most grateful if anyone can respond to my concern about my sister’s Nutec dwelling in which she plans to live. She has just had a Nutec (not the wooden one) built in her backyard by a company called Nutec Wendy Xtreme. The foundation is only 80mm, the building inspector told her it has to be at least 150mm – should she be worried or is an 80mm foundation enough? There are a lot of other things wrong with the build, but my main concern is the foundation of the building.
    Look forward to your comments on this please.
    Kind regards,

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Pamela, You can see previous comments regarding planning and Wendy house companies- they all tend to ‘look the other way’ when it comes to planning regulations.It pays to have the building inspector involved in any project as early as possible, and whilst it can mean time sat in an annoying queue, it is also a good idea to just ask the planning office what approvals you do or do not need. Wendy house companies tend to come and erect on a ‘planning is your problem’ basis, and because their structures are moveable, and classed as temporary, they don’t view it as a problem. But as previous comments and amendments to this article show, planning regs re wendy houses is much more stringent than most people think.
      In this case, if the building inspector says ‘150mm’ then the foundation should be 150mm, and there is probably a very good reason for this. Your sister’s foundation is a hair over half the required depth which is a concern for two reasons: 1. the building inspector could insist it is replaced, or the structure removed entirely; 2. even if the building inspector turns a blind eye that 50% of the required strength is going to manifest itself at some point in the future if there is any movement at all in the foundation substrate.
      Your sister is going to end up with two conflicting opinions in this- on one side the contractor is going to claim that 80mm is perfectly fine, he has built hundreds of units and had no problems, and on the other the building inspector is going to argue that the depth isn’t just some arbitrary number pulled out of thin air. At the end of the day, the contractor has an opinion, the building inspector has the letter of the law.

      1. Claudine says:

        Hello has anyone dealt with classic home or Frank’s Wendy’s?

  60. Chantel says:

    Good day, kindly advise on World Wendy’s and Nutec, they said it’s cash on delivery meaning 30% of 46000,00 is due upon completion of each planned structure day 1 structure, day 2 interior and ceiling and then another payment, day3 plumbing and installation of bath, toilet and basin and another payment, day 4 electrical and final payment. I would appreciate urgent response as I will start with construction next week. Thank you

  61. Trish says:

    Hi Russell. I’m the sister Pamela mentioned above. The contractor at Wendy Xtreme refuses to speak to me & insists on speaking to my son due to my having 2 building inspectors inspect my Nutec prior to completion. I requested the plans, electrical certificate and another certificate (forgotten which one).
    He joined the top and bottom rinoboard with duct tape & was furious when I wasn’t happy with it and had wooden strips nailed to it – unsanded, skew, etc. Threatened to take down ‘his’ Wendy when I complained, even though I’d paid him half the money, & demanded I pay the rest.
    Kitchen half painted, taps coming loose from the wall, deck and porch unfinished – not treated and curling upward with weeds growing through it, no veranda wooden sides as promised and, of course, the 80mm concrete (re-inforced) slab base, which I saw was mentioned in his quote.
    Promises specialised staff/builders who told me the were randomely employed without any idea as to how to build the structure.
    Otherwise, the place looks terrific when one doesn’t look too hard & I’d be devastated should it be torn down. Do you have any advice for me please?
    I can’t find anything about Nutec WendyXtreme online.

  62. Ridewaan says:

    Hi Russel
    Is, House of Cabins , also one of the good companies to build a Nutec House?

    thank you.

  63. Trish says:

    I hope you can help me. I had a Nutec house built by Nutec Wendy Xtreme and am extremely unhappy. The guy wanted 50% up front, which I gave him. He joined the top and bottom section of the rhino board with duct tape, which peeled. After addressing this with him he covered the duct tape with planks. Then demanded the rest of the money or to take “his” Nutec down. I had nowhere to stay, so gave him the money. He refused to speak to me after that and only dealt with my son. The deck is unfinished and lifting, the house is half painted and with one thin coat, not two coats as promised. Its like a sauna – he used some thin silver stuff to line the walls. The slab seems to be too thin and is breaking away in places. The nails/screws are put in any old how and shows very clearly. I’m so disappointed – R145 000 (R320 000 bond owing to the bank, once interest was added). Now I have to finish the place myself, but don’t know what to do about sweltering in the place.
    Do you have any advice for me please?

  64. Elvina says:

    Thankyou greatly for this insightful and comforting work Russell.
    I’m planning to get a nutec home for the near future.
    What a wakeup call, but I feel inspired and well equipped for the task ahead. I’m full-time in ministry thus I cannot be ignorant people bug-eyed faithful in scammers. Lol!
    Now I know who to Call! Definitely not the Ghost builders (wink wink ) little humor there.
    But I seriously thank you for your Great Service To Is all.
    Shalom. God bless.

  65. Elzet says:

    Very useful article.

    Does anyone have experience regarding getting bank financing for nutec homes? Do they also give 20 year terms or not? Any specific banks you have worked with?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi kirsten, Some companies work with finance houses and so can arrange the finance for you, but it is the finance house that you will owe the money to, not the wendy house guys. I don’t think any do their own financing- too risky. Most of them don’t tend to advertise this widely for some reason. I think, off the top of my head, that for example, JR Wendys use ABSA for their financing. JR Wendys collect your information and submit an application to ABSA for you. Presumably it falls under the same banking regulations as any loan. But beware, and be careful to check that your choice of Wendy house company uses a reputable financing company or you could find yourself in trouble. If they advertise that they do blacklisted etc then they must be using a higher risk agency, with higher interest rates, and lower tolerance if something goes wrong with your repayments. I don’t think that a bank would give you 20 year terms on a wendy house, but I could be wrong, and I guess it would depend on the use, and type etc.

  66. sam jardine says:

    Good Morning
    I am considering a Nutec house and have contacted I am speaking to a Soul Ncube. has anyone has dealings with this company?
    thanks, Sam

  67. Mariah says:

    Does anybody have any feedback from a company called House of Cabins in Paarden Eiland.

  68. Llewellyn Felaar says:

    We purchased a Nutec House – 7m x 3.5m – from a private person 8 months ago.
    The foundation was then erected on bricks on a concrete floor. We now find that part of the house has moved slightly. Are there any reputable repair contractors to come and look and supply us with a quote please

  69. Tamlin says:

    What are the disadvantages of building a permanent nutec house?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Excellent question, and highlights a misunderstanding about what Nutec is used for.
      Nutec is just the outside cladding of the building. When applied to a wendy house it is typically applied to a timber frame and forms the outside weather barrier to the structure. It should provide no structural support- the frame should be strong enough on its own. Nutec is pretty impervious to rot and damage from pests, and is a tremendously long lasting material with limited maintenance- which is its advantage over traditional wooden cladding- but, the wooden cladding, even pine, will last just as long- if it is maintained properly, which includes regular (and we are talking at least annual) application of a treatment, and being anal at rooting out potential problems such as leaks and pests etc. The weak point of the Nutec wendy house is usually the timber frame it is applied to, which is typically treated pine or treated saligna (local gum tree- this being generally better than pine).
      When it comes to a permanent house the same applies- the Nutec is only the outside cladding. It is usual for it to be applied to a timber framework, and so the same thing applies to any timber frame house, but the standards of weather tightness and back up systems is likely to be higher. But, there is nothing stopping (and I have seen it done) the application of Nutec as a cladding to other materials, such as concrete or steel (I recently stayed in a development on Thysen Island, Nysna, where the houses appeared to be a combination of steel frame, wood frame, and concrete, clad in Nutec boards).
      As a cladding material, Nutec is brilliant, and applied in the right way it can be a real cost saver, but in such applications the question isn’t ‘what are the disadvantages of building with Nutec’ but rather ‘what are the disadvantages of having a timber frame home.’ And if you are looking at using it over a different framework then you have to ask yourself what are the cost implications versus other surface finishes- is there any purpose, other than aesthetic, to having the Nutec on say a concrete wall that could otherwise just be painted.

  70. Trish says:

    Hi Russell, I had a Nutec dwelling built a couple of years ago by Nutec Wendy Xtreme. The workmanship is extremely poor, with my shower doors and sliding door permanently falling of, deck outside so badly warped that one falls over it, ceiling incomplete, etc. The contractor refused to deal with me and would only speak to my son who has no knowledge as to building houses. This is the 3rd house I’ve had built, so I have a good idea as to what to expect.
    I’ve been advised to take him to the Small Claims Court, but he’s vacated the premises he was at, and I have no way of tracing him. Is there any way I could do so? I can’t afford to fix the problems on my disability allowance

  71. Trish says:

    Hi Russell, I had a Nutec dwelling built a couple of years ago by Nutec Wendy Xtreme. The workmanship is extremely poor, with my shower doors and sliding door permanently falling off, deck outside so badly warped that one falls over it, ceiling incomplete, etc. The contractor refused to deal with me and would only speak to my son who has no knowledge as to building houses. This is the 3rd house I’ve had built, so I have a good idea as to what to expect.
    I’ve been advised to take him to the Small Claims Court, but he’s vacated the premises he was at, and I have no way of tracing him. Is there any way I could do so? I can’t afford to fix the problems on my disability allowance

  72. Tasneem says:

    Good Afternoon. I want to build a nutec extension on top of a free standing single garage but dont have the slightest clue where to start and what I need and procedures to follow. Please help

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      First off you need to have a word with your local planning department to find out what requirements you have to satisfy- are you even allowed to do the work you want to do? And if so, what planning permission do you need? Golden is if you can get your local building inspector to come to your house and advise you. You don’t need to get planning permission just yet, but you need to know exactly what you can and cannot do legally, and they will help you enormously in this regard. I have a sneaky suspicion that the project you are describing may not be possible- I find it highly unlikely that your free standing garage will have the foundations necessary to allow a second story to be put on top without major work being done. You may find yourself in the situation where you will be basically rebuilding the garage too.

  73. I want to check with if this company called Wendy-Nutec Huis is genuine as i am trying to build a Nutec House. The lady corresponding with me is called Grace Ackerman and her Whatsapp no is [removed]. They say they are based in Cape Town.but when i asked her if they have a website, she said it is under construction. I am a bit concerned. Can you advise.
    Calrence t

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Clarence, I’ve emailed you a response.

  74. Charl says:

    Hi. I am planning to build a Nutec house in Betty’s bay. The munisipality there has some strict rules. Currently it seems as if the guy I will go for is Pinnacle Homes & Projects. Do you maybe have some recent comments on their work. Any comment will be appreciated. I was already conned into paying a huge deposit to a builder and it’s more than a year now and still nothing was done on my building site. I am now in the process of trying to get the deposit back.

    1. Ulie says:

      Hi there Carl,
      I find myself in the same situation you have described above.
      May I ask how it went?
      And what was so tricky building in Betty’s? I also want to use Pinnacle’s services.

      Thank you

      1. Ulie says:

        Edit- what are the strict* rules in Betty’s

  75. Nikita says:

    Hi has anyone used wendy and nutech structures in blue downs the guys name is Kyle pablo papier want to know if anyone has had experience with him he seems to be a very nice guy but young he seems eager to help a significant amount cheaper than other quotes and says he can have our project done in 3 weeks while other companies have said atleast 3 months

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      I would say be very very cautious. Why is he significantly cheaper than other quotes? Why can he do it in 3 weeks and not 3 months (thought 3 months seems a bit excessive). There are some very honest companies out there who do reasonable quality work for reasonable rates, but I can guarantee you that somewhere in that build the savings will be evident- poor quality rushed finishes, lower quality materials, barely legal tolerances (wiring is a good one for this, as is the thickness of Nutec boards, and the spacing of studs etc). If you do a Facebook search they have a fairly active social media presence and look like they have been doing stuff for some time- I have also had contact with the web site they link to, though it was with someone with a different name, and I think there is a collective of guys who collaborate in certain ways, though I have to say that the interaction I had was in telling them to remove images that they didn’t have permission to use, and this drew out the fact that whilst they do have permission to use other images on the site (they removed the ones I had issue with), not all the images on that site are of work they did. Whilst I can’t recommend a company I don’t know, nor can I really warn you off them, there is something murky about it but I also doubt they will run off with your money, but you also can’t expect a Mercedes for Datsun money. I would personally insist on some references I could check and preferably some previous work I could go look at, even if it was peering over a wall, so I could see what I was getting into.

  76. nikita says:

    Hi Russel thank you,

    have you heard of Ctl Developments? we have been quoted by them aswell the gentleman is very nice and accommodating and we have seen his work someone in our area used him and allowed us to come inside and see the unit and that is how we got into contact with him.

  77. willinda says:

    Hi Please can i have a contact person for a Nutec house in Free State, Bloemfontein. My daddy passed away i need a house for my mommy so she can enjoy her last years in her own house as our house is so small. Your assistance will be appreciated.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Sorry for you loss, Willinda. Unfortunately I don’t know of any builders in Bloemfontein, but you might try contacting the guys based in Cape Town anyway, they have been known to travel long distances if the project is right.

      1. Russell Hepworth says:

        Hi Willinda, Michael from Pinnacle Homes saw your comments and says they can help you so I will forward your email address to him, or you can phone him on 083 730 9360.

  78. Kashiefa says:

    I purchased a Nutec about 3 and half years ago from Arbor Designs.After 4 months of living in my brand new Nutec,I started having problems with the plumbing.I contacted them and the plumbers Johan and Pierre but up until now after several emails and text messages,,I still didn’t get any assistance.The problem persisted and the wall and floors in the bathroom,kitchen and bedroom is severely damaged.My main worry is the electrical plugs on the water damage wall.My son also developed a chest problem due to damp and fungus build up.I need the company to please get their plumbers to sort out this problem,I’m doing enquiries regarding legal procedure.
    Kashiefa Abrahams

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      I would be amazed if the structure is salvageable after that much internal water ingress- if mold and damp are in the structure it is probably cheaper and easier to pull it down and start again. I’m not a legal expert of any kind so can’t give any advice in that direction but to me it sounds like you would have a good case. If you did want some actual advice without it costing you an arm and a leg then you can contact the consumer ombudsman, the details of whom, and the process of which were ironically given to me by Arbor Designs!

    2. Mari says:

      You won’t get any joy there. I also contacted and accepted what I thought was a quote from Arbor Designs. This Pierre and his father the so-called plumber actually had a business called wendy xtreme. And when it became clear that I was being ripped off with inferior plumbing and an illegal roofing structure, etc, etc Arbor Designs shrugged their shoulders and left me with a half finished structure and a financial loss. Simply said Pierre had nothing to do with them. Even though my original request for a quote was to them and they sent him to me. Perfect scam. Arbor Designs actually offered to dismantle the structure which would have left me with an even bigger loss. But to this day the shower cannot be used without water leaking out all around it. Patrys who was t the owner of Arbor Designs made no effort to resolve the issue except to try to, as I stated above, take the structure back because he claimed Pierre owed him money for it. How is that for adding insult to injury? Completely unethical people – all of them.

      1. Russell Hepworth says:

        That’s sad to hear. My involvement with Arbor Designs ended a few years ago. They always did supply units to third party installers, and one of those was the one you mentioned, but the rational was that they didn’t employ plumbers and electricians, so they sub contracted the installations to those who were qualified to do it. What I never heard of them doing before was hiding behind this arrangement. Very, very sad to hear if this is now the case.

  79. andre van der berg says:

    hi good day
    i have a guy here in Moorreesburg busy building a nutec gave him R52k already and just a few panels laying arround so far.
    His company name is Morich Home Improvements.
    have you heard from him anywhere else.
    His address is 109 kookeboom street in Durbanville but i cant find it on google maps

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      That doesn’t look very promising- providing a bogus address- is it possible that he spelled it incorrectly? Morich sounds a lot like ‘more rich’.

  80. berenice Genade says:

    do you know Gilbert Nutec homes from Durbanville

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Never personally heard of them.

  81. Ulin says:

    Good day Russel

    Thank you for this website, it was quite informative and helpful regarding contractors and also what information the client can and should gain.

    Some of the companies mentioned on the site seem to offer similar services regarding Nutec homes or log/wooden cabins, however, the prices can differ greatly. Some charge R3000 per square whilst others charge R7000 per square. Most of it for the standard setup home with plumping, electrical work, ceiling lining ect…. And additions obviously alters the price. Such as pitched roofs, sliding doors, en-suites, verandah etc.
    When or how does one determine that their standard quotes are either overpriced or underpriced? (Without additions/client preferences)

    Also, do you perhaps have any knowledge regarding wooden homes/log cabins compared to nutec homes. I’ve read a bit, both seem cost effective, some require more maintenance than other. Some wooden homes have a “wendy-plank” look rather than a log home look.
    I’ve tried asking some contractors regarding this matter but they seemed a bit vague on the matter.

    I do appreciate the time you take to give responses. It has helped me narrow down other questions I’ve had regarding such structures.

    Thank you.

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      There’s a lot goes into the differences in pricing- some might be over-pricing, some is likely the quality of materials, the skills of the tradesmen, quality of finish, attention to detail, onsite experience (for you the client). Unfortunately, cost alone will not tell you a) where the best value lies, b) if the extra is worth it. That will in the end, unfortunately, just come down to a gut feeling. What I will say is, if you intend using it as living space, invest as much as you can but be really picky, ask a lot of questions, get a lot of references, and if possible go see a lot of work they have done- educate yourself on things like wire thickness and plumbing requirements, ask technical questions that any professional should be able to answer and see if they know the answers.
      As for the difference in wooden to Nutec etc, most of the guys have websites that explain the differences, but it comes down to maintenance, look, and cost. If they are built well then there is no reason why any of the materials won’t serve you very well.

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