Wendy House and Nutec Home building cowboys- who are they and how to spot them

lets get those cowboys
When you are looking for someone to build your Wendy house or Nutec home in Cape Town you are not short of options. There are hundreds of people out there advertising their business. This is especially true on free to use platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook Groups. The problem is not all of these people have your best interests at heart. Some of them are even just plain old ...
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Do you need planning permission for a Wendy house in Cape Town? The truth!

If you are going to pay someone money to build you a Wendy house in Cape Town, a garden shed, or any other structure of this type you need to understand about planning permission. I have seen first hand how much of a grey area this is for Wendy houses. And unfortunately, even the best in the industry really likes that it is so murky! The first step in this is to understand the ...
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