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A letter regarding the Dassenberg Development received from the Ministry of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

I received a very detailed letter from the Ministry of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning regarding the Dassenberg development. In it they outlined their surprise of the opinion that no pubic process was entered into for this development. They state that in 2008 the rezoning application was advertised in the press [publication not specified] and in the Provincial Gazette. There was a public meeting held, previous objectors were sent registered letters and letters were dropped into surrounding residents’ letter boxes.

A similar process was followed for the sub-division application.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who remembers this process, and even more so to hear from anyone who raised objections (or agreement) for the development. In reply to the letter I have asked the department to clarify for me under what circumstances a development is referred to the MEC for direct approval. As yet I have not received any reply.

Dassenberg Development is likely to go ahead

Fairs fair, it is unlikely that the ministry would say that the process happened if it did not, and it appears that they can put their hands up and say that as far as they are concerned the Dassenberg Development has been passed with due care and process. The response I got is fair and likely true, though it is more through my own pure use of language in this instance. By referring to a public process, I did not mean the collection of public opinion, though the ministry can only answer the questions they are given, not try and interpret their meaning. My meaning was that the despite city resistance the motion was passed and the only justification needed in a court of law to overturn their objections for the Dassenberg Development was that the former minister did make a good decision because he said he did. Everything else was behind closed doors.

In retrospect I think that I will see if it is possible to get hold of a copy of the records relating to why the planning permission was passed, I am sure there must be public records of this.

I feel that it is necessary to continue to question the Dassenberg Development further if for no other reason than to make our representatives aware that we are awake if not always aware.

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