Nature on our doorstep- A day out at Cape Point

Close up of a Dassie at Cape of Good Hope-Cape Point Peninsula
Following my post last week about the birth of a Mountain Zebra in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, at Cape Point, we decided to take a family day out and see if we could find it. Despite knowing the general area that the herd was located we had no luck, however, it was a wildlife feast. A baboon encounter well before arriving at Cape Point After a recent trip to Durban ...
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The History of the Cape Point Peninsula Article 2: The first colonization

The weather worn rocks of the Table Mountain chain give you the feeling that they are eternal, and that things have always been as they are today. It is hard to imagine that things were once very different. In geological terms it was only a moment ago that our ancestors came to gaze upon the mountains for the first time. Evidence suggests that our ancestor’s first settled...
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A History of the Cape Point Peninsula Article 1: A (brief) laymen’s look at the Geological origins of our beloved Cape Point

Being a curious person I recently got interested in the geology of the region. This was partly fueled by the fact that the view from my computer is of the Dassenburg in Fish Hoek, a most intriguing looking lump of rock. This is part one of a series of articles I am planning and is a brief journey back in time, written by a laymen, for the enjoyment of other laymen. All good ...
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