Is all Nutec the same?

All Nutec is fiber cement boards, but not all fiber cement boards are Nutec! We don’t vacuum the floor, we hoover it. ‘Hoover up’ is a well used phrase in the English language. But Hoover is a brand name, its just been so successful that it has entered everyday language to describe a common activity- vacuuming. Nutec has managed to do the same, and they (and in turn, you...
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Wendy House and Nutec Home building cowboys- who are they and how to spot them

lets get those cowboys
When you are looking for someone to build your Wendy house or Nutec home in Cape Town you are not short of options. There are hundreds of people out there advertising their business. This is especially true on free to use platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook Groups. The problem is not all of these people have your best interests at heart. Some of them are even just plain old ...
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Do you need planning permission for a Wendy house in Cape Town? The truth!

If you are going to pay someone money to build you a Wendy house in Cape Town, a garden shed, or any other structure of this type you need to understand about planning permission. I have seen first hand how much of a grey area this is for Wendy houses. And unfortunately, even the best in the industry really likes that it is so murky! The first step in this is to understand the ...
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Why you should stay in a holiday home in the Cape Peninsula

There are few places in South Africa, and the world, more beautiful than the Cape Peninsula. This slice of heaven is the perfect place to stay in a holiday home. Incredible natural beauty and brilliant attractions will ensure an unforgettable holiday experience. Comfort and style A holiday home in the Cape Peninsula offers you all the comforts of home while situating ...
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Letter to the Department of Community Safety in the Western Cape Government

This is an email that I have sent to the  Department of Community Safety in the  Western Cape Government asking them if there is any way that we can legally keep up to date with investigations into very serious crimes in our area. Recently we have had a spate of knife attacks in the peninsula area. Some have turned fatal, and whilst there is a big surge of outrage and media ...
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Cape Point Chronicle Welcomes You

The Cape Point Peninsula is a wonderful place. Whether you are a visiting tourist, or a local stalwart, to paraphrase a famous quote "If you are tired of the Cape Point Peninsula then you are tired of life!" From the sprawling, affluent suburbs of Constantia and Rondebosch, all the way down to the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean at the very tip of Africa, the Cape Point Pen...
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plumbers cape town southern suburbs

Plumbers Cape Town Southern Suburbs Ok, I'll be honest here, this is a bit of an experiment. I am trying to see if I can get my page to rank well on local searches for plumbers cape town southern suburbs. In the process I hope to build a platform that will allow any local who is doing a search for plumbers cape town southern suburbs to see a list of recommended plumbers in the...
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Education choices in the Cape Point Peninsula

Guide to Education
I recently ran into someone who's daughter went to pre-school with my daughter. Whilst my daughter went to do grade R at Fish Hoek Primary her friend went to a different school. After a few "how's it going" type subjects we got onto how the girls were doing at school. From there we actually ended up in a very heated discussion about education, and the role that schools need to ...
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Great White Sharks Season- the best time to go Cage Diving

Great White Sharks in False Bay
False Bay is home to perhaps the worlds premium apex predator, the Great White Shark. Great White Sharks are present in False Bay throughout the year. Their behaviour and location is fairly regular and predictable, being mainly dictated by the habits and availability of prey. This level of predictability makes it easier to determine when are the best times to go and see thes...
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Moving to Fish Hoek – 10 years on

A view of Fish Hoek from Jaegers Walk, with mountains in the background
It's hard to believe looking back that it is ten years since our permanent move to Fish Hoek, South Africa. Not being from South Africa it was a big move, there were visas to sort out and other legal issues, not to mention the constant barrage of "South Africa? Really? Is it safe?" from family and friends. We should have been terrified by the move, but we simply weren't. For...
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