Shark Nets At Fish Hoek Beach

shark nets at Fish Hoek beach
I guess that it was inevitable that the negative publicity surrounding a recent shark attack would lead to shark nets at Fish Hoek beach. Tourism is in a general slump in the area which is inevitably having a knock effect for the rest of the economy. Certainly the portrayal of Fish Hoek beach as being a place that you will get eaten by a great white shark will not have h...
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Cape Point Peninsula Tortoises Under Threat

Poachers Now Targeting the Cape Point Tortoise Population I have received a most disturbing press release from the  Minister of Local Government,Environmental Affairs and Development Planning  (in full below). Apparently the humble tortoise is now the target of poachers. Luckily we live in a very busy, built up area so there are a lot more eyes and ears available than in rural...
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