Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover)

Profile of a Blacksmith Lapwing (plover)
Do we really take notice of what is around us, or do we just think we do? This evening I was doing the daily dog walk. I must confess that a lot of the time this consists of the same route around the Fish Hoek playing field. Often this is a good time to think and I have often done the whole walk and not really registered the fact- other times the walk is the event and I am a...
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Egyptian Geese are from Egypt-right?

At this time of year I am delighted and annoyed by the arrival of hordes of Egyptian Geese that descend onto Fish Hoek sports field. Delighted- because they are beautiful, interesting and funny birds. Annoyed- it isn't the birds' fault, they turn grass into guano, and they haven't been supplied with enclosed toilets yet, which was an issue raised at the last election, but...
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