A new visitor to the garden- African Harrier Hawk

African Harrier Hawk
We have sighted this magnificent bird in other parts of Fish Hoek, but not close up and certainly not in as dramatic a way as happened this morning in the Garden when an African Harrier Hawk swooped majestically in front of our window. For a two years now a weaver bird has been trying (and failing) to start a colony in a pine tree bordering our property. This year he was joi...
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Illegal Sand Miners Caught by “Green Scorpions”

In a fantastic coup for the Western Cape environmental agencies a syndicate of illegal sand miners has been successfully identified and shut down by the "Green Scorpions". Although this happened outside the jurisdiction of Cape Point Chronicle, the action was initiated by a tip of from a member of the public. There have been numerous reports in local publications, mainly rea...
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