Kalk Bay Fish Fare

Kalk Bay FIsh Fare being held at the Holy Trinity Church 42 Main Road Kalk Bay 10.30 to 6pm.
It is the annual Kalk Bay Fish Fare on Saturday and for once I am going to make sure that I make it there. This is one of those events in the Cape Point Peninsula that I always seem to be too busy to get to, but this year I am going to really make the effort and go see what it is all about. The sign promises great entertainment and it comes with an added joy of a trip to Kal...
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Seals In Kalk Bay Harbour

Seal In Kalk Bay Harbour
For as long as I have been in the area there have been seals in Kalk Bay Harbour. I cannot remember ever going there and there not being at least one seal cavorting around the moored boats, taking advantage of the fishermen’s waste. In the past, since there have been such low numbers I always assumed that the seals were either old hands looking for a free meal, sick anim...
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