Fish Hoek Beach- Don’t Blame The Sharks!

Fish Hoek Bay on Christmas Day 2010
I am normally upbeat about Fish Hoek, its a nice place to live, and I chose it over a number of other places in the world. Sometimes though a minority of it's citizens can send me over the edge and make me question the thought processes of my fellow residents. There is a lot of debate on the Cape Point Peninsula, and Fish Hoek in particular about the use of shark nets to m...
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Shark Nets At Fish Hoek Beach

shark nets at Fish Hoek beach
I guess that it was inevitable that the negative publicity surrounding a recent shark attack would lead to shark nets at Fish Hoek beach. Tourism is in a general slump in the area which is inevitably having a knock effect for the rest of the economy. Certainly the portrayal of Fish Hoek beach as being a place that you will get eaten by a great white shark will not have h...
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Air Jaws in Fish Hoek

Things have been a little busy with work so I havn't been out and about much recently, and I can't imagine that you would like an account of the inside of my workshop. With that in mind I have to admit that I wasn't there for what happened in this account, it is second hand information, but still, I wish I had seen it and I will probably spend the rest of my life watching out f...
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We are so lucky to live on the Cape Point Peninsula!

Jaegers walk Fish Hoek view out towards Kalk Bay
On days like this it makes you glad to be alive and living on the Cape Point Peninsula. The sun is out, there is no breeze to speak of and all seems gentle with the world. This week has seen a number of heavy issues pass through my desk and the family has been suffering from the dreaded lurgy; so we thought that we would take advantage of what could be the last nice weather ...
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Longbeach Mall- Why all the empty units?

I don't often go to the mall, for me it is the most effective waste of my time imaginable. However, occasionally I have a need for something and have to drag myself there. Many times I just walk from the eastern entrance up to pick and pay. On Sunday I was with D and it was raining heavily so we parked in the underground. We needed to go to Pick and Pay and the photo shop on th...
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New walking route added to Walks Page

Hello all Since the weather looked like it was going to close in and rain was likely I decided to make the most of it this morning and take one of my favorite short walks: Peer's Cave from the Fish Hoek side. This is one of my favorite short walks in the area and you are more than adequately rewarded for your efforts with fantastic views of the valley. It was especially g...
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