Total Eclipse of the Moon- Cloud Over the Cape Point Peninsula Nearly Spoilt it.

The moon during an eclipse, showing just a thin sliver left
The clouds were scudding across the sky following one of the most violent thunderstorms we have had for a while. Fortunately it stopped raining and the strong south wester provided enough breaks in the clouds to allow fleeting glimpses of this centuries longest total eclipse of the moon. Although not as rare as a total eclipse of the sun, nor as spectacular it is a sight sti...
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Jupiter Returns to the Cape Point Evenings

For the first time in a while the skies are relatively clear tonight and I noticed that Jupiter has returned to our late evening skies. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and many believe that it is a failed star. It has all the elements in it to make a star, it just falls short of creating enough pressure to cause a chain reaction as in the Sun. Jupiter is a ga...
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