Dassenberg Development- An email sent to Counsillor Felicity Purchase asking for the Cities Position

I was prompted by a response on the Facebook page Stop The Dassenberg Development  by Sebastian van Greunen to contact Felicity Purchase, the ward councillor for that area, regarding this issue. Before the elections I had said that I would contact someone, but as a matter of courtesy would wait until after the votes were counted.

This is what I sent to Ms Purchase:

“Dear Ms Purchase

Last week I sent you an email from one of the readers of Cape Point Chronicle, which was promptly forwarded to the relevant department of the City. I got a very good reply from Alderman JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety & Security. This matter is continuing.

I have now been approached by one of my followers on Facebook regarding some of the technicalities surrounding the Dassenberg Development, another hot topic of debate on my web site. Although I have tried to explain the situation to the best of my knowledge, I must admit to only partially understanding some aspects of this case. In particular there is a lot of confusion surrounding the outstanding application for sub division of the site.

My understanding is that without the sub division the properties would not have their own freehold, thus making them less attractive to buyers (I think it would make it impossible to get a bank mortgage), and that it is at the Cities discretion whether permission is granted.

If this is the case what is your understanding of the City’s position and what would be the best way for residents to voice their opinion regarding this matter?

I once again thank you for your precious time and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Kind regards

Russell Hepworth”

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