Dassenberg Development- Lets start an email campaign

I have just submitted the following email through the DA web site to the leadership (I doubt Helen reads them all personally):

Dear Mrs. Zille
I considered reporting this as corruption, but then considered that the individuals involved should get the benifit of the doubt.
The Helen Zille and others in the DA worked long hard to win the Western Cape and City of Cape Town away from the ANC. They did this because citizens of the City and Province went out of their way, entered into the democratic process and voted for the DA.
This is how they are repaid, undemocratic processes behind closed doors, approving developments nobody but the developers want. In this case the city itself is opposed to the development so you tell me why it is being passed other than for self interest of those involved.
The ANC MEC Pierre Uys started this off by personally approving this development under dubious circumstances, days before leaving office: now his successor is about to do the same- a servant of the people of the Western Cape ruling against the City and the residents in favour of a Polokwane developer with no vested interest in the wellfare of the South Peninsula of Cape Town.
Can someone please justify this to me so that I can let my readership at www.capepointchronicle.co.za and our Facebook fanpage-Stop The Dassenberg Development- know why their community is being sold down the tubes?
Russell Hepworth
Cape Point Chronicle


It seems that once again we are going to be kept in the dark like little children until the city’s decision not to grant the sub division of this site is overturned behind closed doors. Read more details at IOL- Dassenberg Property Development….

So, since our democratic rights are being trampled all over by the supposed champions of anti corruption and constitutional rights lets start letting those in power no what is going on in their own party.

Submit a message to the DA national leadership at CONTACT- DA, or send an email directly to:



or to your own Counsellor

Cape Town Provincial government  questions@capegateway.gov.za or through their contact form at www.capegateway.gov.za/eng/contact/

You can also leave comments on Stop The Dassenberg Development and after the IOL story.

The election is over, the politicians got our votes, now lets make them justify our support!

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