Beware when buying Wendy Houses and Nutec Homes in Cape Town

JR wendys manufacturers of Nutec Wendy Houses Cape Town
The lengths that JR Wendys are having to go to in order to protect their copyright I have recently been doing a lot of Internet related work for some of the leading Wendy House, Nutec Wendy House, and garden shed manufacturers in Cape Town. For some time now I have been doing web site related work for Wendy House manufacturers, J R Wendys. The proprietor, James Cloete, h...
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KIDS Educare wins a victory for road safety

For some time this web site has been involved in the fight to have the Fish Hoek side of Kommetjie Road made safer. A series of fatal accidents on the road led to an upsurge in community activism. Eventually the road was upgraded, with new safety measures implemented at several accident hotspots. Whilst this was a huge success for the community (and at Cape Point Chronicle w...
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A new visitor to the garden- African Harrier Hawk

African Harrier Hawk
We have sighted this magnificent bird in other parts of Fish Hoek, but not close up and certainly not in as dramatic a way as happened this morning in the Garden when an African Harrier Hawk swooped majestically in front of our window. For a two years now a weaver bird has been trying (and failing) to start a colony in a pine tree bordering our property. This year he was joi...
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Illegal Sand Miners Caught by “Green Scorpions”

In a fantastic coup for the Western Cape environmental agencies a syndicate of illegal sand miners has been successfully identified and shut down by the "Green Scorpions". Although this happened outside the jurisdiction of Cape Point Chronicle, the action was initiated by a tip of from a member of the public. There have been numerous reports in local publications, mainly rea...
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Invader Species- The Balloon Vine

My neighbours will attest to the fact that I am not a great gardener- reluctant at best. Sometimes though I am compelled to do something about the jungle that is my garden. Luckily at the moment the Cape Point weather provides a great excuse for not doing anything in the garden, but a fine day meant I had to actually go out there and make an effort. The other problem I have ...
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Thumbs up to Peter’s Auto Electrical

Ever had one of those days? Yesterday was mine. My parents have been visiting from the UK for the past two months and yesterday was going home time. They needed to be at the airport for 3pm. As a single car family this presented a small logistical challenge. I had to drop my partner off at work in the morning so that I could have the car for the day, which is not really a probl...
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