Main Road: Upgrade?

I was coming back from Epping last week down the Prince George Drive and decided, since it was a nice day and didn’t mind sitting at the lights, to come home via Kalk Bay (as luck would have it the lights were green and I went straight through).

This isn’t the first time that I have driven down Main Road since the first section near Muizenburg has been finished, but for some reason, just as I approached it I had a thought about driving on a nice, smooth, new road. So imagine my disappointment when I realized that the road is as bumpy as a field! I even thought that I had made a mistake and hadn’t got onto the new section yet, however, the gutter and pavement edge were all new; I was on the new road, it was just in a terrible state. Is it that I haven’t noticed before or that the road is already deteriorating?

We have been patient about these road works, and I suppose on an intellectual level realize that they are very necessary, but really, do we need suffer only to have a road which is just as bad as it was before? Or are they going to have to redo the surface when they have finished?

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