KIDS Educare And Pre-Primary

K.I.D.S Educare and Pre-Primary is situated in Fish Hoek and caters for children from 3 months of age up to and including Grade R. Doors opened in 2006 with the idea of providing a happy environment full of laughter, fun, care, love and education.

kids educare fish hoek

The philosophy is that children should learn through play. An atmosphere of exploration, questioning, and investigation allows children to develop emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually, and culturally.

“ Our Vision is to create a future society of educated, informed and well rounded individuals who will work together for the better of themselves and the country. Upstanding Individuals who will fight for what they believe in. Individuals who believe in right and wrong. Individuals who will be proud to look in the mirror and love the person looking back at them. Individuals that will know what love and respect mean. Individuals who know the importance of education.

If we can start teaching this from birth, do you know what we, the human race can accomplish? Love, respect, harmony, and peace!”

Kids Educare Jungle Gym play ground

All that play needs space to happen. And apart from excellent teaching facilities the school also has no less than 4 separate outdoor play grounds, including a large jungle gym, and equally impressive sand pit.

Kids Educare top playground

The Curriculum of each class caters for the developmental stages of that age group. It also lends itself to the holistic approach, the development of the whole child, which includes physical, emotional, social, intellectual and cultural development. This coupled to a low class sizes and a highly trained teaching staff ensures that your child leaves K.I.D.S. Educare and Pre-Primary well set up to deal with the rest of their education path.

Also included in the monthly fees are extra classes in music and ball skills.
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