President Obama on a flying visit to Fish Hoek

On Friday last week and yesterday (Sunday 30th June) anyone in the Fish Hoek area would have had to be doing something very interesting to have missed 6 huge, dark coloured helicopters flying in low from False Bay, dropping into Fish Hoek sports fields, pausing there for around an hour and then heading off in various directions.

The first set to arrive on both occasion were 3 huge double rotor helicopters, which on Friday I put down to just the military showing off (actually, we came up with an exciting theory that it was something to do with the military gearing up for Uncle Nelson passing away, and any possible problems thereafter). Then 3 smaller helicopters came sweeping in (actually, they were only small in relation to the first three, which were monsters). We also idly theorized that maybe President Obama wanted to visit beautiful Fish Hoek (because why wouldn’t he- obviously he reads Cape Point Chronicle and just had to see Peer’s Cave for himself). Of course, in the real world, that didn’t actually make that much sense. If he was visiting the end of Africa, I am sure they could land Marine 1 (that’s what the helicopter that transports the US president is called- the plane is Airforce 1) closer to the reserve- if not in it.

Any hoo, on Sunday we actually saw the insignia on the side- unfortunately we were not able to get to the field, but judging by the photos on News24, half of Fish Hoek did. Why they used Fish Hoek sports field is beyond me though, there is a massively secure US embassy in Tokai, and surely all the hills overlooking the fields are a security nightmare. Or maybe this was one of a number of sites used, just to keep the bad guys on their toes. Who knows. Either way, maybe we should put one of those blue plaques up- “President Obama was here” kind of thing.

For some great images go to though I am a little upset that Cape Town is stealing our thunder!

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