Plans to develop False Bay Coastline

I have just read a fascinating article about plans by the province and city to develop the False Bay Coastline, from Simon’s Town to Gordon’s Bay. The buzz was that they want to make the area ‘the Copacabana of Cape Town’.

False Bay to be the Copacabana of Cape Town

The plan is to pour 100’s of millions of rands into developing the coastal area, putting in all sorts of tourist spots for wildlife spotting, boat trips between Gordon’s bay and Simon’s Town, revamping of the major towns including making Fish Hoek tourist friendly (demolish and start again?) and other initiatives.

It all sounds very exciting and positive. Good luck to those trying to get it going, there are going to be a lot of people who will block it at every stage, from historical societies to eco warriors and those trying to get political mileage out of costly developments being done at the expense of housing.

Just one thing that I wish they would consider- could those planning this development please Google ‘Copacabana’ and see what it is like. I have been and it is a strip of sand bordered by a concrete jungle, with the life expectancy of the average tourist stupid enough to walk there (especially at night) measured in minutes.

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