Chapmans Peak Toll Plaza and Office Complex Demonstration

Chapmans Peak protestI recently haven’t had too much spare time to get involved in issues such as the Chapmans Peak Toll Plaza and Office complex, and only know as much as I have seen on the news, but it seems that the people of Cape Point Peninsula are very upset about the building of this development.

Tyree Shannon has sent me some photographs of the demonstration held on 22nd January.

As I said, I am not in a position to give too much of an opinion on this matter, I’m even a little confused as to the location of the building (sorry , I can’t be everywhere), however, if anyone reading this has something to say then please add it as a comment, or email me and I will be happy to add it to the site. It doesn’t have to be just those opposed to the development: debate is healthy on all issues, so if anyone from the developers, toll company, local council, SANParks or TMNP has anything to say then I am equally happy to put their views on the site as well.

Chapmans Peak protest

Chapmans Peak protestChapmans Peak protestChapmans Peak protest

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