Introducing Cape Point Chronicle’s Poll

After the recent shark attack off Fish Hoek beach the usual debate has been opened in the letters pages of local newspapers. There are two camps, those who think that the only way forward is to fence off the bay in some way (control nature) and those who think we should continue to find a way to live with sharks (live with nature). In the tradition of the Cape Point Peninsula, if you are in either camp you will not listen to a word of the other sides point of view and letters just seem to fuel the fire.

Well, in an attempt to get a true reflection of what the public actually thinks I have devised a poll. You can have your say by clicking one of the options on the right. I will run this for a while and see if anyone can be bothered to move the mouse over there. Your details are not recorded, only your vote. If it proves successful I may make the poll a permanent feature of the site.

What should be done about sharks off Fish Hoek Beach?

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