Massive Water Waste at Zandvlei Caravan Park

Cape Point Peninsula Caravan Park wastes approximately ’50 tonnes’ of water a day!

Zandvlei Caravan Park, Cape Point PeninsulaSo far this winter has been unusually dry and mild on the Cape Point Peninsula, we have had far below the average rainfall and if this continues our water reserves are likely to be dangerously low come the end of summer. We need to be very careful with our water usage and even then it seems likely that unless there is a spring deluge of biblical proportions we will still be seeing heavy water restrictions at some point.

In light of this it is even more outrageous that a municipal owned site is using the equivalent monthly water consumption of a medium income household of four people- around 50 tonnes- per day! This despite there been no, or at least very few, people staying there during this period. And according to the report in the People’s Post (16th August, 2011- front page) the problem has been going on for some time now.

Lack of investment in a Cape Point Peninsula tourist destination?

According to the report the council acknowledge that the wastage was reported to them in June this year and a team was dispatched to investigate. They fixed a faulty valve and recommended that a contractor be appointed to investigate for further leaks. This hasn’t happened as yet and fixing the valve didn’t do much to stop the errant flow. The only solution so far has been to restrict the water flow to the park and provide guests with water tanks.

Not only is this problem wasting our precious resources it is also chipping away at the tourist industry in the Cape Point Peninsula. It has been highlighted recently that a down turn in the tourism industry is being observed in the Cape Point region, which has been blamed for many failed businesses in the area.

A leaking water pipe is one thing, but this sounds like multiple leaks all over the sites water infrastructure. This suggests a lack of investment over a long period of time, leading to poor maintenance and a degradation of one of the Cape Points tourist accommodation sites, especially for attracting South African tourists¬† from elsewhere in the country. It does not say much to our visitors that the facilities as advertised are not available, instead they are forced to use ‘field’ water tanks, like they are roughing it in some far flung game reserve (they have had a lot of rain in other regions, why can we not make tourists bring their own water down with them when visiting the Cape Point, R1 discount per litre brought!)

We can neither afford to waste water, nor alienate our tourist visitors. Both are a rare and valuable commodity on the Cape Point Peninsula.

Please municipality:

Help us conserve our water on the Cape Point Peninsula!

Fellow Cape Point Peninsula residents, do not despair nor take the municipality as your example for water conservation.

Think about that figure- an average middle income family uses 50 tonnes of water per month. That’s enough water to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool every 5 months, which is a lot of water. And reducing this usage is as simple as putting a brick in your toilets cistern, putting water wise plants in your garden and collecting rain water to water those plants. You can shower instead of bath, don’t leave the tap on while you brush your teeth and ensure that all drips and leaks are taken care of immediately (a dripping tap wastes a staggering amount of water).

The municipality needs to get its act together, but all the inhabitants of the Cape Point Peninsula need to do their bit to ensure that out precious resources are used wisely.


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