Be careful where you pick mushrooms and flowers in the Cape Point Peninsula

I have just received an email from a reader of the site who was fined R1500 at the weekend for picking mushrooms outside the Cape Point Nature Reserve. Whilst I personally think they have a case for not paying the fine please bear in mind that it is illigal to pick ANY flora in the National Parks. Further, the TMNP own huge amounts of land on the Peninsula, in fact more land is Park owned than isn’t- they own the Cape Peninsula.

This proves that they are serious and they will fine you if they catch you: including if you are just picking pretty flowers. Also don’t forget that Tokai forest is part of the TMNP and falls under the same by-laws.

In my dealings with TMNP I have found that the more tourist orientated a location is the more officious are its officers, but also more efficient if you have a problem.

You could also be heavily fined for walking a dog without following the specified proceedures (some areas require dogs to be on a lead some just under control, in some areas dogs are simply not allowed,) or for not having a wild card where specified, littering (you should be ashamed of your self anyway) or parking in an unspecified location.

When you enter TMNP land you are defacto agreeing to comply with their by-laws and ignorance is no defence under the law.

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