Social Media On Cape Point Chronicle

In an attempt to try and keep up with technology trends Cape Point Chronicle now has its own Facebook fan page (see the box in the right hand side bar, you may have to scroll down a little to see it.) You can now spread the word easily to all your friends on Facebook by clicking like and adding your name to the growing list of people who are interested in life south of the world.

You can still use RSS and bookmarking to get regular updates on new posts, and take things one step further by receiving all the additional goodies that are sent to our email subscribers by signing up using the form directly to your right.

There has always been the option to share posts on social media and now I have added the ability to ‘like’, ‘digg’, ‘retweet’ and who knows what else by clicking the little boxes below the article (they only show up if the post is open by itself, for some reason not on the home page).

Thanks for all your support and happy Facebooking (I’ll be tweeting next, then you’re all in trouble!)

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