Top class football entertainment right here on the Cape Point Penninsula

A passionate crowd, three goals, a fight, two yellow cards and a sending off- and I only saw the last 15 minutes. Was this a European game on pay TV or a PSL game on SABC? No, it was Fish Hoek versus Camps Bay on Fish Hoek Sports Field, all seats were sold out and it was standing room only.

For those of you who follow the beautiful game it was no festival of silky skills but the pace was fast and there were more incidents in the 15 minutes I watched than in the whole of most Italian games, possibly even the whole season (except if you are going to count rolling around on the floor as entertainment.)

It seems that the Camps Bay boys took umbrage to the Fish Hoek number 6 and there was a set too: the ref got that calmed down and handed out two yellow cards. Then there was an incident down the far end which I couldn’t see, resulting in a Camps Bay sending off. This in turn led to much remonstration from the crowd since the player took his place on the bench, rather than going to the changing rooms.

That was the end for Camps Bay, Fish Hoek were already well on top (though a lack of scoreboard means I had no idea what the score was at that point) anyway, with a man advantage they swarmed forward and the home sides goalie became a spectator. One goal in particular would not have been out of place at the Camp Neu, resulting from a beautiful cross from the right side line to the far post.

Which only goes to show the mind set that we have these days. Is it the game that we enjoy or the spectacle? How many people within free kick distance of the sports field were sat in their arm chairs watching Manchester City beat Stoke City in a one nil bore fest at Wembly, and paying R650 per month for the privelage? And yet right on your doorstep is a team who turn out week after week for the enjoyment of the sport. If they put in effort like that every week then I think I will be going more often, or at least walking the dogs a little earlier on a Saturday afternoon.

This has been a regular occurrence during the summer months as I am a self confessed addict to willow on leather (that’s cricket for those who enjoy sports of a different nature- I don’t want any invites to special clubs thank you very much!) Now I think I shall make more of an effort to catch more of the action the other side of the pavilion.

It is always good to see our sports fields put to good use: I had been down earlier in the day to take my daughter to the swings. There was a seniors game of hockey, the model aeroplane club were making the most of a still day and already the football field was in use. Lets get behind our sports clubs and show a little more interest.

For more information about the Fish Hoek AFC you can visit there website

The senior 1st teams next home game will be against Durbanville on June 4th: the next home game will be the reserves playing Chelsea AFC (thats not the London club for those who have just sat up a little, though I understand that Torres wasn’t good enough for this Chelsea either) on the 21st May.

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