A Bit of Light Relief- Bird On A Wire

After all the ranting of last week I thought it was time for some light relief. I was sat working on the computer (by which I mean staring out the window watching it rain) when the local guinea fowl came bustling through the garden.

They do this on a daily occassion, despite the presence of two labradors, for which I am truly pleased because for some reason there antics always make me smile. On this day they were on particular form, especially when this adult bird bit off more than it could chew, bypassed the fence and leapt (you can’t call it flying) onto the telephone wire. This wouldn’t be so bad, except it couldn’t work out how to get back down again, and it kept looking at me like I had the answer. The rest of the rasp (collective noun for guinea fowl- isn’t Wikipedia a wonderful thing?) wandered off and left him working it out.

Eventually he got desperate and ungracefully fell off. Fun over!Guinea Fowl on the telephone wire

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