Fish Hoek Pre-Primary Schools- The Search Continues: Fledglings

In an earlier post I wrote about how our two year old daughter is in a great day care but that we are starting to look around for a pre-school for her. On Saturday we went to the open day at Fish Hoek Pre-Primary; today it was the turn of Fledglings.

Fledglings is not one of those businesses that shouts about their prescence. It is run from an unassuming property on Kommetjie road and unless you know it is there, or you see all the comings and goings in the morning, you are going to think that this is just another house.

The first positive is that security is very good. There is only one gate in, which is opened from the inside, and no access at all from the back, so no chance of anyone just wandering in uninvited. Also, it seems that it is very difficult for the kids to find their own way out.

Fledglings is very small, with currently 25 children, ranging in age from 2 and a bit to 6, although they can and do take up to 30. It is staffed by Hilda, Sue and Leanne and all seem very ‘teacherly’ in an old fashioned way.

Fledglings is very much a prep school for the junior schools in the area. Hilda told us that the standards required by Sun Valley School are very high. There is definitely an air of learning to this place, but thankfully tempered with a good bit of fun. The kids were busy preparing for their farmers market when we were there; making posters, colouring in vegetables etc. They have been growing beans and carrots for weeks and are selling them for two rand a bunch to parents. From the proceeds they have to pay for the seeds that they used, the profits then being split between the kids. Inspired.

I was impressed by Fledglings, my wife is determined about it, but all is not rosy as far as I am concerned. The school closes at 12.30 and doesn’t have after care, a problem for two working parents with no family in the area. Also, for me, it is too small. Our daughter is an only child and I think that it is important that she socializes with as many children as she can. Not only will this make her more confident and less dependent on us, but also teach her important lessons about social structures, how to share and that she is not the center of the universe.

My bank manager likes Fledglings because it is the cheapest place we saw and also only charges for 10 months of the year, being that December and January are so reduced.

The over-riding thing in its favour though is the closeness to our house: literally it is quicker to walk than it would be to drive, and it is that which I feel will win out. We still have Milkwood to look at but they were rude on the phone, so it looks like the old adage about location, location, location will hold true again, although I can see there been many a battle about after care.

4 thoughts on “Fish Hoek Pre-Primary Schools- The Search Continues: Fledglings

  1. Heather Gordon says:

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for the contact number of Fledglings!

    I have ONLY heard great things about Fledglings and my daughter will be going there next year. My older daughter spent 3 years at Milkwood and we won’t be sending my younger child there, for various reasons.

    I just wanted to comment on your thoughts about it being too small – your child will have plenty of learning of social skills in a group that size and will receive far more love and nurturing than at a bigger school which is exactly what they need at a younger age!

    My last comment is to let you know of a WONDERFUL aftercare that is run in Sun Valley – Doodlebugs. You could look at it as an option of school for your child but if you decide on Fledglings, Doodlebugs do school pick ups and have only a handful of children in the afternoons! Kerry is really wonderful and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Her number is 0827384002

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Brilliant, thanks Heather, this comment is exactly in line with how I envisioned Cape Point Chronicle when I started out, a true community forum. The number for Fledglings is 021 7852873, and you need to speak to Hilda.
      We did finally decide on Fledglings and we are both comfortable with the decision. Also, we have a plan in place for aftercare but thanks for the recommendation.
      Other readers please note: Doodlebugs is recommended by Heather Gordon, not Cape Point Chronicle. This is not to say that Doodlebugs is not everything Heather says it is, just that we don’t know it from a bar of soap.

  2. Nicky says:

    Hi, I know this post is a bit old, but stumbled across it searching for an option for my little 21 month old for after care… Curious to know what you ended up doing?? My daughter is currently in a fantastic little crèche, but as I’m soon going to be starting work in the afternoons, I have to find another option as her school also closes at 12:30. Don’t really want to move her, as she only just started 4 months ago and has settled in well and is so happy there… Any suggestions aside from Doodlebugs, perhaps in Fish Hoek itself ?

    1. Russell Hepworth says:

      Hi Nicky

      We eventually went with Fledglings, however, they finish at 12.30 and we didn’t need after care as both my partner and I worked from home.

      Over the years I have had a lot of requests for information about schools, so much so that have started putting together a guide to education on the Cape Point Peninsula. Early days yet, but one place that I have had a lot of dealings with that might fit your purpose is KIDS Educare. Its in Fish Hoek, is open from 6.45 to 5.30 and takes kids from 3 months to grade R. If you don’t want to move your daughter I am pretty certain that they do take kids from other places as an after care programme. Anyway, it is worth contacting Sam (the owner) to find out (please be sure to mention me and Cape Point Chronicle) and I would be keen to know how you go on there.

      My daughter is currently in Grade R at Fish Hoek Primary, and there is a lady who picks up kids from there and takes them for afternoon day care. By shear coincidence she is also called Sam. She used to work at one of my daughters previous day cares, being a bright point in an otherwise poor place (which no longer operates). If I see her today at school I will get her contact details and post them here.

      At Fledglings there was a lady who picked up kids and took them to after care, but I believe that was in Capri somewhere.

      And if I find out anything else I will be sure to let you know.

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