Hout Bay and the Cape Point Peninsula Internet News Service

790tv logoI enjoy doing things for Cape Point Chronicle, and I am flattered that anybody actually reads this stuff. So imagine my delight when I received a ping back that an article had been published on another site (with full credit for me of course).

Cape Point Chronicle was never devised to be a news service, I don’t have the time or the inclination to make it one- the things on the site would definitely be classed as editorial rather than current. If that sort of thing is what you are looking for then www.790tv.co.za is well worth having a look at. Aimed at  Hout Bay and Llandudno the site manages to bring up to date news on the area. They have a lot of contributors and a wide diversity of content. You can even add them to your RSS feed (like you can with us, RSS is a great way of getting your information, but very few people are taking it up, maybe I need to do an article about it and how to sign up?)

So go and have a look, add them to your favourites, and then come back to Cape Point Chronicle- they are good but I don’t want to lose you!

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