Morning out to Noordhoek Farm Village- Breakfast at The Foodbarn

With the weather closing in and the wind picking up we decided to combine a trip to the supermarket with a visit to the Noordhoek Farm Village.

The Noordhoek Farm Village is a great place for us because it allows us to grab a sneaky coffee and it gives our daughter somewhere different to play on the swings and slides- she especially loves the two wooden rocking horses.

You have to love Noordhoek, it has a real feel of being a country village; it should be a lot further away from a major city than it is and I always feel like I am in an English hamlet that has been transported into rural France. There is always that beautiful sound of the wind blowing through trees.

The farm village is constantly growing, it seems that every time that I go (which isn’t nearly often enough) there is something new or changed, and they always seem to do it without compromising the feel of the place.

The deteriorating weather meant that eating outside just wasn’t an option so we opted for The Foodbarn. Dustin wanted to get some of the excellent bread that they sell and I was curious to see what all the fuss is about, as I haven’t actually being in there before.

The place was heaving, I think most of Noordhoek must have been in there, but we managed to get a table. Even though the place was very busy we were still served quickly: I’m not easy to impress with service, as a former five star restaurant manager I know my stuff, however, for a busy coffee shop style operation I have to admit that all the staff seemed to know what they were about. We both had croissants and they were among some of the best that I have ever had, genuinely freshly baked. For me this is the sign of an establishment that is run by someone who really cares and has managed to instill into their employees the same attitude. It should be easy for a restaurant to serve good main dishes, because these are usually prepared, or at least finished, by the head guy in the kitchen. When the bread and side dishes are also of top quality then all the kitchen staff must really care about what leaves the galley, because the head guy can’t prepare it all, or see it all before it goes out.

One black mark though was the addition of a dog to the guest list. I know that this is supposed to be a farm style establishment and I have to say that the dog was beautifully behaved, but in the interests of food hygiene that cannot be right! In fact, I know that it isn’t.

Otherwise, I was definitely impressed and will be making more visits, especially since the bill wasn’t a shocker when it came; actually it was less than what we paid for a similar breakfast at Mugg and Bean a few weeks before.

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