A development between Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek that needs stopping

The view from Kalk Bay to Simons Town which could soon be dissappearing if the developer gets his way
Make the most of this view, it could be the last time you see it...

A Cape Point development that needs stopping

I was at the Kalk Bay Fish Fare on Saturday morning. Whilst there I came across a group of people who were getting people to sign a petition. Not being someone who will sign anything for no reason I asked what it was for.

It turns out that someone has applied for planning permission to build garages on land between the railway line and main road, next to the row of cottages that marks the last habitation on the sea side of Main Road.

what the view could be like from main road if the garages are built- bye-bye Simon's Town!
...what it could all look like if the garages are built

The proposal is for 7 garages and according to the artists impressions available will block much of the view across Fish Hoek Bay looking towards Simon’s Town.  This will further degrade an area already struggling to look tidy (the tidal pool is already completely unused due to vagrants using it as a toilet and bathing area, and general place to pass out drunk). It seems like a particularly stupid and pointless development and so I agreed to feature it on the site.

Apart from the visual impact on the area, imagine the potential for accidents with garage users trying to pull out at a blind corner into speeding traffic!

You just can’t get past the fact that it will make a horrible addition to the scenic potential of that stretch of road.

The details of the proposal as outlined on the public sign
The details as supplied at the site